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by katelin on February 13, 2012

So you know those weekends that you just don’t want to end, yes those kind, well that’s the kind of weekend I just had and it was quite loverly all around. It was so lovely in fact that this recap is going up later than usual (for shame!) but nonetheless, here goes it.

Friday: Well the weekend started with a work event in Santa Monica instead of dinner with the family which was kind of a bummer. However once it ended I made my way home to enjoy my Friday nigh with a glass of wine, Matt and our good friend Patrick Jane (swoon).

Saturday: Since my body was fighting the need to sleep in I got up early and did a three mile walk/run (gotta practice right!?) before coming home and relaxing a bit before heading to the movies with my mom. We saw One for the Money (I mean, I ADORE the books so I had to see this despite the horrible reviews) and I gotta say, it was cute. Not nearly as funny as the books, but still cute. After the movie I scurried around the apartment helping Matt get ready and before I knew it we were out again, meeting my parents and aunt and uncle at the Ice House. I do love that place. Even if the night’s main comedians were called 3 Blonde Moms. Seriously, I have the humor of a 40 year old mom sometimes, haha. After the show we all grabbed a quick dinner before Matt and I called it an earlyish night to watch some of our shows and just relax at home. The good life really.

Sunday: Another early day but all for good reason. I caught a super early showing of The Iron Lady with some ladies of my family and man was it a lovely treat. The movie was okay but Merryl Streep was AMAZING. Seriously let’s just hand her another Oscar now, haha. After the movie I rushed home and Matt and I had a nice weekend adventure to the zoo with his brother and his friend. And somehow Matt and I decided to just become Zoo members (which is awesome!) so on top of the Universal Studios passes, add in another fun weekend treat for us, wee!

But the zoo was perfect. Awesome weather (overcastish), a bit crowded (eh, happens) and the animals were in full action. Also, BABY TIGERS. Seriously, not one, but TWO little precious babies that played with their mom and gah, SO MUCH CUTENESS.

After an exhaustingly lovely day at the zoo we went up to Michaela’s parent’s house for dinner and the Grammy’s. And I gotta say, I think it’s the first time I’ve watched the Grammy’s in a few years and it cracks me up that they only give out 10 awards on stage, let’s just call it the Grammy concert. Or the Adele show. I’m good with either one.

We finished out the night with a glass of wine and the end of P.S. I Love You which I’m pretty sure Matt put on just to see me sob. Seriously that movie makes me lose it Every. Single. Time. Why I keep watching? I don’t have a clue. And then The Holiday was on TV and there were more tears (but of sheer happiness) and my goodness I’m a freaking waterworks show these days every day.


And whew. That was the weekend. Busy. Fun. Exhausting. Awesome.


And how was yours? Any good movies? Good laughs?


happy monday!

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  • San

    Seriously, you have the BEST weekend, Katelin. I am jealous.

    Also: I always cry when P.S. I love you is on. I blame it on the story line and Gerard Butler, of course.

  • I worked all weekend so I’m totally jealous of your awesome weekend, especially the zoo trip! Zoos are the actual best.

  • What is up with Christmas movies being on tv this weekend? I watched The Family Stone this weekend. Only two months later than I wanted to watch it!

  • P.S. I Love You is a guaranteed sob fest!!

  • Sounds like an awesomeeeee weekend! So much movie watching! I’ve also watched PS I Love You like 800 times and the part at the beginning where she calls his voic email over and over and over again just to hear his voice? Omg. Just thinking about it I’m tearing up. I adore that movie! *need to watch it really soon for 801st time*

  • Sounds like a fun weekend! I saw Iron Lady too and it was…okay. I wanted it to be better and dig in to the history aspect more. But yes, Meryl was insanely amazing. Wow.

  • Oh you are so right, it really should be called the Grammy Concert – also the reasn why the Grammy’s is one of the best awardshows to watch .

  • i see a giraffe!

  • WOw, sounds like a great weekend! I love the zoo – very jealous of your new ability to go any time you like!

    Glad to hear your opinion on The Iron Lady too – I’ve been umm-ing and aahh-ing about whether to go or not!

  • Baby tigers?! I can’t even imagine the cute. I wish we lived closer to a big zoo. Zoo going is one of my favorite things. I never get tired of staring at all the critters and getting to see the occasional baby is so amazing!

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