The Nicole Effect.

by katelin on February 9, 2012

So apparently being friends with Nicole has rubbed off on me….and in the best ways possible.

I mean I WRITE RIDICULOUS THINGS IN ALL CAPS, I sum a lot of things into ALL OF THE THINGS, I’ve developed a love for Modern Family, my love for good cheese and good food in general has increased due to Nicole’s delectable recipes and cooking, I know more things about Josh Lyman than I ever have before, fountain jumping has become a totally legit thing to do and all sorts of other amazing things.

And the latest Nicoleism that has rubbed off on me has surprisingly come in the form of running. Yes, you read that right: RUNNING. If you don’t know Nicole let me tell you that that girl is a running fiend lately. Like seriously, champ style super running (she’s trying to run 1,000 miles this year alone). And if you know me you know that I tried running before, I sort of liked it, didn’t hate it but my god so not my thing.Like not even a little bit. I have these things called Double Ds that have prevented me from enjoying any sort of swift running activity for most of my life.

However, I’ve been convinced. To try something crazy. On April 22nd I will be participating in THE COLOR RUN. Click on the link, look at it, then tell me does that not look like the funnest most amazing thing ever. I mean I’ve heard of Mud Runs before but the idea of being covered in mud was never appealing to me, however PAINT, on the other hand, totally awesome and similar to that club scene in Miss Congeniality that I LOVE.

So yes, I’m doing a 5K, three days before my 28th birthday. It may not actually involve running but rather light jogging or walking or a whole lot of “OHMYGOD SO MUCH COLOR!” but I can’t believe I’m doing it. I mean I don’t even recognize myself. Because let’s be honest, WALKING a half marathon is one thing but signing up for something with RUN in the title, that’s just a whole other ball game.

And it’s a ball game I’m going to somehow be ready for. It’s a leap. And thanks to Nicole’s idea/influence and Matt’s persistence/encouragement I’m doing it. And it will be magical.

So thank you Nicole, thank you for being an awesome friend and a ridiculous influence on my life. Now let’s go get painted and then jump in a nearby fountain to wash up. It’s only logical right?


happy thursday!

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