Wino Wednesday the Nineteenth.

by katelin on February 8, 2012

Oh hey there Wino Wednesday, nice to see you again. Seriously, I have the wine, I have the glasses and now I finally have the time to write a review. And thanks to our fabulous friends at Pasternak Wine Imports we have another fun and delicious bottle to try this time from the Morro Bay Split Oaks Estate collection:

And here’s a little snippet about Morro Bay Split Oaks Estate:
Morro Bay, developed and owned by Pasternak Wine Imports, is the culmination of over 30 year’s of expertise in the wine industry. Morro Bay is sourced from several vineyards within the Lange Family estate. The Lange family, 4th generation of grape farmers dating back to the late 1800s, currently controls 7,600 acres in California spanning three appellations and four counties. The location of the vineyard in the Delta region of Lodi provides for dramatic temperature shifts from day to night due to the influence of the delta breeze from San Francisco Bay.

Mmmmmwine. Seriously I love the city of Morro Bay so I had a feeling I’d be a big fan of this wine. And a fan I was. Heck a fan we were. Matt loves chardonnay more than I do and he definitely enjoyed his glass, I’m pretty sure he finished before me. I, on the other hand, savored my glass while we watched TV and I played Words With Friends (seriously, obsessed).

And I must say, it was a delicious treat after successfully making blueberry lemon bread last night:

If you’re not a sweet wine fan you’ll be a fan of this one. It’s not quite sweet but rather oaky with sharp hints of citrus. It’s a pretty unique chardonnay and definitely a tasty one. There was no weird after taste as some wines tend to leave but rather a smooth sip every time. And somehow we didn’t finish the bottle last night so I look forward to another glass tonight, it’s just that good!


And don’t forget to check out Pasternak Wine Imports on Facebook and Twitter for wine filled updates and goodies.




happy wednesday!


*Pasternak Wines provided me with Lady of Spain to review and all of the opinions of sparkly deliciouness wine are all my own*

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  • Great post! I love learning about new wines!

  • And now I’d like some blueberry lemon bread please and thank you =)

  • Jen

    I want that bread. The whole loaf. Thank you. :)

  • Blueberry lemon bread?? That sounds amazing and a perfect wine pairer :)

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