Just like a weekend.

by katelin on February 6, 2012

So apparently last year was the “year of weddings” and this year is the “year of babies.” Seriously, everywhere. And seriously not helping my FEVER. AT. ALL. So basically what I’m saying is that it was a baby filled weekend and my goodness, my ovaries are barely in tact. Anyhoo, let’s discuss.

Friday: After an insanely hectic and exhausting week at work all I wanted to do was spend a night in relaxing and that is exactly what Matt and I did. We ordered pizza and watched more old episodes of The Mentalist (seriously, I can’t get enough) and it was perfection.

Saturday: Slept in a bit (which is always a glorious sign of a good weekend) before heading out to treat myself to a pedicure. Or really a Christmas gift certificate treated me but oh was it magical and now my toes are sparkly pink, superb. After my mini indulgence I went with my family to my cousin’s baby shower. So crazy, my younger cousin is having a baby and her and the dad-to-be are just too adorable.

The shower was pretty fun, lots of good food and family I hadn’t seen in a long time and a whole lotta babies. After the afternoon-o-babyness I came home and relaxed with Matt for a bit before heading up to my sister-in-law’s parents’ house for a spaghetti feast. It was so nice hanging out with family, talking about books and movies and drinking good wine and just a good time all together.

Sunday: Woke up to a lovely morning of my favorite kind of breakfast and a special copy of The Artist. Seriously after watching it a second time I love it just as much. So good, so happy and I just want to tap dance and wear frills. Is that too much to ask? Once I got my Artist fix we rushed out of the house and made our way to our friend’s daughter’s baptism. Seriously, SO MANY BABIES. And none of them really cried. It was the weirdest thing. Even the three babies that got baptized didn’t really cry, it was amazing. And seriously, they were all cute. So cute. Oh babies, you slay me with your cuteness.

We stopped by the proud parents house for a small reception afterwards and was fun to hang out with some friends and mingle with babies and make plans to see each other again soon. Just lovely times really.

Once the babyness was over it was Superbowl time (or as I like to call it, commercial time). We went to our good friends’, Dan and Amanda, house where there was plenty of dip and drinks and commentary and a good time for all. Also, can I just say that I really enjoyed Madonna’s halftime show. I mean it was fun to watch and the 3D mapping was great and she shuffled with LMFAO, that’s gotta go for something right? But I liked that it was a fun show, lots to watch and just an entertaining show.

And how was the weekend ended? With a nice glass of wine and the DVRed Puppy Bowl. If that isn’t a total win I just don’t know what else is.


And how was your weekend? Full of babies? Or football? Or both?


happy monday!


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