Short & Sweet.

My goodness. When I get sick, apparently I GET SICK. Let’s backtrack shall we?

Thursday afternoon Matt had shoulder surgery. He’s had it before and this was basically round two basically immobilizing him and putting him in a sling for weeks. I, being a good wife, am supposed to be able to help out and all that jazz. Instead the sickness has invaded, gah. So this weekend’s recap is not too exciting but alas we made it work.

Friday: Stayed home from work (still healthyish) to help out Matt all day, which was nice. I got to work, we watched some movies, I ran some errands for him and picked up lunch for us. Just lovely. By later in the afternoon I could feel sick coming on (gah!) and it just didn’t stop. So our Friday night was spent with Matt on Vicodin, me on Nyquil and my goodness what a pair we were.

Saturday: Despite our ailments we made our way to Santa Anita racetrack for our friend Kristin’s birthday. The weather was perfect, the company was lovely and minus Matt and I being on the verge of total sickness, it was a great afternoon.

the birthday girl & her husband Matt, heart them. 

After winning big at the track (seriously Matt won like $120) we called it a night, came home, ordered in and watched old episodes of CSI: and ended with a dose of Nyquil. Basically a win for the sickies.

Sunday: After sleeping for 12 hours I was still sick and still pretty miserable. Seriously Matt started taking care of me and my goodness the man just had surgery, gah. And as I type this I’m still groggy, achey and all that wonderful jazz of sickness. So yeah Sunday was spent watching movies and CSI: and The Mentalist and all that magicallness of soup and tea. And willing this sickness to leave.


And how was your weekend? Avoiding sickness I hope! I mean there can only be so many whiny sick twitterers at a time right?


happy monday!