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by katelin on January 25, 2012

Oh man I so owe an actual real Hollywood post. So hold tight, this one is a doozy, lots to cover, lots to squeal about and let’s just go:

Bringing some uber cuteness we have a very pregnant Jen Garner with the oh so adorable Seraphina. Seriously. They are just the cutest and can’t wait til she has baby #3.

Also bringing the cute we have Hugh Jackman having a snowball fight his daughter Ava, their dog and apparently that paparazzi. Too cute and silly.

In other bebe news, Kristin Cavalerri is pregnant (um. What?) which is just so bizarre in so many ways… also expecting their first child is Chris Hemsworth (SWOON) and his wife Elsa Patakay, precious, congrats!…in sad news, Heidi Klum and Seal are separating, seriously, did not see that one coming…in some funniness, Jay Pharoah is excellent and probably one of the best guys on SNL and this snippet with him had me laughing a whole lot…Demi Moore has been hospitalized for exhaustion…Henry Cavil (the new Superman) posed for a picture with an onset fan and seriously, too cute…Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from SATC) is currently rocking the bald look for a play she’s in and I gotta say, it’s not too too bad on her…and lastly, tons of stars have been at Sundance and looks like they’re having a fabulous time, also heart Aziz and Rashida, care to get a drink together guys?

In some favoriteness…
Keanu made a documentary. Aren’t you so impressed? Especially because it looks legit. Oh Keanu you make me so proud, like WHOA.

Sam Worthington has dropped the mullet look (thank goodness!) and is out promoting Man on a Ledge and I swoon. A lot.

Jean Durjan (from The Artist) is becoming a favorite. He’s strangely attractive in a dashingly handsome sort of way. And his new photo spreads in GQ and W only make me like him more.
In movie news…
The Hunger Games. Eeee. Capitol Couture has launched and it is purdy. Seriously loving all the promotion for this movie. Also, LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!!

The Dark Knight Rises. Has released some new pictures and AH! Cannot wait for this movie either. So much awesomeness on one screen. Eeeee!

The OSCAR’S. Eeeeeee! Oscar nominations came out yesterday and basically all I could say was “YAY THE ARTIST!” And “I guess I need to see Hugo“. Other than that not a whole lot of surprises, although I do love this breakdown of fun facts from the Hollywood Reporter. Seriously, how has Gary Oldman never been nominated before??

Also, Oscar pups. TOO CUTE. Seriously, Uggie. Heart.

In TV news…
The Big Bang Theory. Is making me laugh more than ever these days. Also. If you missed the now infamous “Tiara Scene”, please watch and enjoy and then watch again.

Glee. Sappiest proposal ever last week. But still cute and I still got teary (weddings make me sappy, always).

Grey’s Anatomy. Cristina and Owen? My goodness. Get it together. Also I’m pretty sure Zola is one of the cutest kids on TV, eee I just want to squeeze those cheeks.

Homeland. Have you watched this show? If not, you really should.

Once Upon a Time. My goodness do I adore this show. The sappy lines and homage to fairytales makes my heart so happy.




happy wednesday!

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  • So excited for The Hunger Games, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • rashida jones + aziz ansari, I love those two bunches.

    also, HUNGER GAMES PROMOTIONS!!! loving it all. #twomoremonths

  • The tiara scene in BBT was classic. I think I may have cried, I laughed so hard. I love Sheldon & Amy.

  • I think I need to watch Homeland before BiSC. It seems to be a favorite and I have only hear excellent things.

  • Um, can I get in on that drink with Aziz and Rashida?

  • Pingback: I’m still talking about The Artist (& telling you to see it!).()

  • I cannot wait to see more of Ben with the girls when the new baby arrives, Seraphina is SO CUTE.

    And Jean Durjan is becoming a crush of mine too. So swoon worthy.

  • Courtney

    YES TO ALL THINGS ABOUT THE ARTIST!!! I have been doing the exact same thing, telling anyone and everyone to go see it. Mark didn’t care to see it when we saw it, but now that it’s been awarded with everything under the sun and/or been nominated by everyone, *now* he wants to see it…and yes, I still want to see Hugo too! my family all saw it without me, boo! But yay for awards season!!!! I love your hollywood wrap-ups, and OH! and the newest issue of Empire has a feature on HG :)

  • Courtney

    Oh, so my comment also works for your Artist post :)

  • I feel like this year is going to be SO GOOD for movies. There are so many great things coming out this spring and fall and I can’t wait!

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