Babies of the Blogsphere.

by katelin on January 13, 2012

So remember when I said I had baby fever? Well yes. I still do. And with Ashley’s recommendation I’m taking today to share some of the cutest kidlets on the interwebs.

I mean, who am I at this point? haha.

Most ridiculously adorable facial expressions (his pensiveness is too much): Gabe (Our Little Apartment)

Most squeezable cheeks (seriously I want to pinch the screen): Grady (Hillary with Two L’s)

Most adorable baby flower
(Matt thought her costume was a mojito, either way she’s a precious nugget): Eisley (Your Wishcake)

Most adventurous
(I mean she sat with Santa & didn’t cry, that counts for something): Hannah (Her New Deal)

Most precious trio that could maybe be my kids
(seriously. They are just the freaking cutest ever!): Isaiah, Malachi & Moriah (3 Men & Their Ladies)

Most likely to Smize
(Tyra would be so proud): Lil C (JQ Lounge).

Most adorable baby owls:
Evelyn & Charlotte (The State I Am In)

Most stylish little tot
(seriously her wardrobe is better than mine): Em (Say it, don’t Spray It)

Most precious sleeper
(seriously the pout, the cheeks, I die): Miles (Habbala)

Babies I can’t wait to arrive (Wee!!!!):Lacey & Molly


Right!? Everyone on the internet has cute babies. It’s ridiculous. And not good for my ovaries. But I digress.

Any babies I should  add for the next batch of silly categories and ridiculous cuteness I make up?


happy weekend!

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