Babies of the Blogsphere.

by katelin on January 13, 2012

So remember when I said I had baby fever? Well yes. I still do. And with Ashley’s recommendation I’m taking today to share some of the cutest kidlets on the interwebs.

I mean, who am I at this point? haha.

Most ridiculously adorable facial expressions (his pensiveness is too much): Gabe (Our Little Apartment)

Most squeezable cheeks (seriously I want to pinch the screen): Grady (Hillary with Two L’s)

Most adorable baby flower
(Matt thought her costume was a mojito, either way she’s a precious nugget): Eisley (Your Wishcake)

Most adventurous
(I mean she sat with Santa & didn’t cry, that counts for something): Hannah (Her New Deal)

Most precious trio that could maybe be my kids
(seriously. They are just the freaking cutest ever!): Isaiah, Malachi & Moriah (3 Men & Their Ladies)

Most likely to Smize
(Tyra would be so proud): Lil C (JQ Lounge).

Most adorable baby owls:
Evelyn & Charlotte (The State I Am In)

Most stylish little tot
(seriously her wardrobe is better than mine): Em (Say it, don’t Spray It)

Most precious sleeper
(seriously the pout, the cheeks, I die): Miles (Habbala)

Babies I can’t wait to arrive (Wee!!!!):Lacey & Molly


Right!? Everyone on the internet has cute babies. It’s ridiculous. And not good for my ovaries. But I digress.

Any babies I should  add for the next batch of silly categories and ridiculous cuteness I make up?


happy weekend!

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  • This is just too precious! So many babies! Love.

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  • my baby fever is at 110 degrees currently. i WANT ONE.

    that being said, looking at these gorgeous bloggy babies makes me smile.

  • Kathleen’s baby girls is super adorable as well:

  • Let’s not forget our favorite which caused #ovariesinsync!

  • I can’t wait for “dream baby” which I should rename BABY VEGAS to show up in your future posts.

    Obviously she will be posted in here too, right? In full Vegas gear, holding her new sunglasses.

    Also this post made me all melty. So many adorable babies.

    Bloggers. They make the best babies.

  • Habbala

    Miles would like to thank the academy for this award. He also wants to encourage other babies who may not be quite as jowly to keep on eating and they too can be 13.5 lbs of cheeks someday.

  • They are all so cute! And whoa, Em should be strutting down the catwalk at Fashion Week. She is cute as a button!

  • Gah! The cuteness kills me. You should do this regularly. Charlotte and Evelyn are honored to be included. :)

  • Rose McMahon

    You should check out Nat the Fat Rat. Not only does she write my favorite blog, but she has the cutest baby ever!!!

  • The internet sure does produce the CUTEST BABIES EVER.

  • Okay, bloggers officially make the cutest, most gorgeous, delectable babies ever! I love this feature!

  • I’m not a baby person but these are some adorable kids. And I’m with Matt, definitely a mojito, still utterly adorable though!

  • Can only hope Baby Bean will be as cute as all of them!!!

  • best post ever.. EVER. hands down (and i’m not even being bias) hahahaha

    what a bunch of cutie pies!!!

  • Bloggers totally make the cutest babies around!

  • Em is honored to be in such great company! :)

  • oh my gosh, this post is just ridiculous!!! I think it may have give ME baby fever and good lord we can’t have that right now!! haha!! Gah it’s so true, bloggers make the most delightfully adorable babies ever! I speak for my 3 little punks when I say we feel so honored to be included in this flock of CUTIES!

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