A whole lot of reading & a whole lot of weekend.

by katelin on January 9, 2012

So those weekends. Where you need to sleep and you do and you read a book because you can and you clean your aparment like a crazy person. Yes those weekends. They are so needed sometimes. And it so happened this past one for me.

Friday: After a particularly busy day at work I was content to just stay home, drink wine and watch TV. However Matt persuaded me to leave with the promise of tasty tasty Mexican food (seriously, my weakness). After running into some friends and hanging out for a bit we came home to wine and When Harry Left Hogwarts (thank you Target holy shit HP7:2 DVD combo pack) and I teared up like a sap. The rest of our night was spent curled up with our books (you guys, Matt is reading Hunger Games and this makes me way too excited and he better like it or we will have words) and then our pillows, goodnight Friday.

Saturday: The day with all of the cleaning. Actually, back up. Before I became a mad woman of cleaning I made a quick trip to the library and picked up some new reads. Seriously, my taste in books could not be more random:

So after I have secured my reading for the next month or so I decided to de-Christmas the place. Sad, yet needed. After several hours of stressing out over where the hell do I fit all of this stuff and watching The Help (so good!), the cleaning was done. And instead of putting my feet up and relaxing, by the time I was done it was time for a quick shower and change and Matt and I were off to dinner to celebrate his dad’s birthday and retirement. It was a great dinner with my parents, some of our friends, my brother & sister-in-law and her family and just good times. Excellent food and so much alcohol and basically we were a show, haha. It was awesome though and quite the way to spend a Saturday night.

Sunday: Managed to make some baked oatmeal (also. SO GOOD), paint my nails, tear up while watching Grey’s and throw an assortment of clothes and things into a bag before a frazzled exit from my apartment to the LACMA to meet Lan. Like the gem that she is, Lan offered to take some portraits of me and so we did. And it was loverly. Once I made my way home I kicked back and relaxed and read and made dinner and Matt and I ended the night watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 because you know, I’m obsessed now apparently. And the Sunday night was superb.


And how was your weekend? Any trips to Hogwarts? Or new books to add to my ever growing list?


happy monday!

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