Goals, are good.

by katelin on January 5, 2012

So. It’s a new year. With new goals.

Last year’s goals were pretty good. I managed to somewhat accomplish all of them (minus the budgeting, I still fail at that). So this year I’m going to revisit a few as well as add in some new ones, because why not right? So. Goals. Resolutions. Ambitions. Whatever you want to call them. Here we go:

  • Read 45 books.
  • Focus on making myself happy before everyone else. Also note: It’s okay to be selfish sometimes.
  • Work out. Seriously. Do it.
  • Find more reasons to wear red lipstick. Also tutus. Not necessarily together. But still. Fun times.
  • Watch at least 5 Movies from 1001 Movies to See before you die.
  • Take a big trip or buy a house. You know. That’s easy enough right?
  • Send at least 10 “just because” cards or gifts (or both!) to friends without telling them.
  • Re-tag/organize/categorize the blog. It’s seriously tagged all over the place since I made the switch.
  • Try a new recipe every month. Seriously, baking is so fun. Maybe I’ll even venture into actual cooking things.
  • Take a leap. Try something, anything new this year.



So. That’s what I’ve got. I may add more, I may take some away. They’re my goals and hopefully I can stick to them this year and make 2012 a memorable one. I’ve got high hopes for this year.


So any goals for you? Any ideas for me?


happy thursday!

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  • Good goals, Katelin!! I really like your last one :) Good luck in 2012, can’t wait to see what you get up to!

  • Ooo, I may add the movie one to my list!

  • Can you help me on the being selfish one, as in, doing it? I think that ties into my goal of saying no more, and de-stressing my life but I’m already failing at it. Sigh.

    Other than that I’m trying to make everyday life somehow more vacation like in little ways here and there… I think I can pull it off!

    Love your list!

  • Great goals! 45 books, that is A TON to me. I am a slow reader (hardly even get through the book club books)!

  • I like these goals! This year I’m not really trying to set goals for myself, more just making sure I live in the present. Which is a big one for me haha.

  • Great goals! I’m definitely trying to read more, cook more, and send more random notes of kindness. :-)

  • Hell yes for the random cards!

    In addition to your movies, there are several books I want to read from the “books you must read before you die” list.

  • Kiersten

    I am working on eating healthier (with being a college student it’s quite the challenge) and avoid sodas as much as possible. I mean I plan to live up to 110 and I want to look as best as I can at that age. Hope it all works out for you Katelin!

  • girllll, you can totally accomplish these! i’m excited to hear about the books you read. and the movies from the list. weeeee. i have to make a goals list. like RIGHT NOW. psh. watch out, 2012.

  • Oh man, good call on the ‘re-tagging’ thing.. I need to do that as well! Plus I still don’t know what I want to call the baby on the blog.. haha half my tags are baby q and the other half are lil c

  • These are awe inspiring goals! Happy New Year!

  • I love the goal about the red lipstick! It’s so funny bc I recently complimented a friend on her red lipstick and told her how I felt like a little kid playing dress up whenever I tried it on but I SO wished I could pull it off. Well she tells me that I should keep searching for the right red and that her goal for 2012 was to wear more red lipstick! I thought that was a fun goal :) And then I come here and it’s your goal too!
    Maybe it’s a sign I need to keep searching for that right color red huh? :)

  • I approve of the red lipstick goal. I have literally never worn it myself, so maybe we can plan a girls meet-up where we all have to wear red lipstick…and tutus. Even if all we do is sit around and eat food and watch TV.


  • Good choices :)

  • I love this! So many great things on the list. I am the same about working out and wearing more lipstick, even if it’s just to go to the store. Why not? And I definitely need to focus on making me happy, I don’t do that much at all.

  • Love the idea of trying a new recipe each month. I love cooking and baking but lately I’ve been getting bored with the same few meals I make all the time. Time to mix it up!

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