Wino Wednesday the Eighteenth.

by katelin on January 4, 2012

Ah, our first Wino Wednesday of the new year. And oh what a good one it is. This week’s Wino Wednesday is brought to us yet again by our friends at Pasternak Wine Imports and another one of the delicious champagnes they sent me, Paul Cheneau Lady of Spain.

And here’s a little snippet about the Giro Ribot family:
Giro Ribot is Spain’s preeminent family owned and operated producer of Cava. The ancestors of the Giro Ribot family, a noble lineage, are close- ly tied to the Penedès region by bonds which go back over several generations of wine, Cava and spirit producers. The symphonic nature of this union has been key to the development of Paul Cheneau. The Paul Cheneau line can be best described as elegant Spanish sparkling Cavas with French influence of styling. Paul Cheneau is classically traditional in the methods of production as well as in the grape varieties used. Cava was first introduced in 1872 and, by the turn of the century, cava was the wine of choice among the chic patrons of Barcelona’s elegant art nou- veau cafes and cava bars. As a tribute to the fashionable ladies who made cava so popular, Paul Cheneau introduced the “Lady of Spain”.

First of all, can we discuss how lovely this  bottle is? Seriously. Check it out.

So after attempting to open the bottle on Christmas it ended up becoming our New Year’s Eve champagne instead and man am I glad I saved it. Everyone agreed that it was a delicate sweetness (okay I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean) but it was so good! Seriously it wasn’t bitter or strong or too bubbly but perfectly delectable and perfect for toasting with. Between the six of us at midnight we all agreed that it was delicious.

And really, can we go back to the label? It’s so pretty! And the champagne is Spanish (obviously) and that just makes it even more schnazzy. But no really. If you want a good bubbly, I highly recommend this one. I’m not sure how it would go with desserts or anything but it went pretty well with some popcorn and just lots of cheersing.

All in all a wonderful champagne to ring in the new year!


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happy wednesday!


*Pasternak Wines provided me with Lady of Spain to review and all of the opinions of sparkly deliciouness wine are all my own*

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