Hats are just plain silly.

by katelin on November 18, 2011

Fridays sometimes require silly things. This is one of those Fridays.

So with that, I present a bored Thursday night. No wine involved. Silly hats. And ridiculous faces.

Tanooki goes RAWR. 

Thank you MailChimp for endless entertainment.


Wishing you a weekend with lots and lots of silly!


happy friday! 


*thanks to my friends at Nintendo & Brand About Town for hours of endless entertainment and stylish hat wearing *

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  • I love this. And I’m pretty sure whenever we all get together again everyone who has a Tanooki hat needs to bring it with them for a picture.

    Also may put the Tanooki hat on the baby… you know once its born and all. ;)

  • I saw Angry Birds hats at the airport over the weekend!

  • Sam

    No way!!!! I love that Mario hat! Oh man you love hats eh? And Macdonalds bags on your head? ;)
    I’ve missed readign your blog all week, time to catch up!

  • I love that Tanooki suit hat SO HARD. Also, you’re so totally adorable.

  • I literally want that first hat so bad! Or just have my picture taken with it :)

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