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by katelin on November 15, 2011

Hey Hollywood. You have so many lovely things so let’s get started.

Bringing this week’s cute we have the always adorable and apparently very silly Suri Cruise. Seriously, she got a little goofy with the paparazzi and it cracks me up, just love it:

Also bringing some cute we have Ellen Pompeo with daughter Stella. Seriously she’s so big! And just too cute.
In other bebe news, remember how Mariah and Nick kept their babies under wraps for forever? Yeah well they are sooo over that now because their twins have their own freaking website, not even joking… in other cute kidness, Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie were back on Ellen and just as cute as ever… another mashup of someone with too much time on their hands, but I’m entertained either way “Walk Away“….Justin Timberlake stayed true to his word and accompanied a Marine to her ball over the weekend, so sweet…. Blake Lively is a lucky lady, there is a new rumor she’s hooking up with her Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds, I mean what?…Jake Gylenhaal is one adorable uncle, wonder if he’ll ever get the dad bug (guess he should probably get the husband bug first?)… the Fanning girls are both pretty and awkward and I just adore this sister photo shoot they did for W Magazine. ┬áSeriously, they rock it.

In some favoriteness…
Leo for OSCAR. I mean of course right? Just watch. And enjoy.

Chris Meloni. Oh how I miss you. And apparently your razor misses you too. Also, a scarf? I think I can dig it.

In today’s Twilight news
Yesterday was the premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part I and just yes. Here’s a ton of black carpet pictures, love it. And the ladies of LTT were there and I can’t wait to read their recap. Also the movie hits theaters this Friday and I don’t have a ticket yet, seriously, who am I???

In other movie news
THE HUNGER GAMES. HAS A RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME TRAILER AND JUST YES. YES TO EVERYTHING (well not everything, still not on board with Gale and Haymitch’s weird ass hair, but eh) WATCH THE TRAILER. BE AMAZED. Also can someone explain to me how Catching Fire isn’t a guaranteed yet? I mean come on Lionsgate you HAVE TO MAKE THE WHOLE SERIES. SHEESH.

Snow White & The Huntsman. Also, another awesome trailer. I originally only cared about this movie because of Chris Hemsworth (swoon!) but the trailer has totally enticed me. Also, the poster, love it.

The Oscar’s. So Brett Ratner made a stupid remark, stepped down as producer. Then Eddie Murphy stepped down as host. So then Brian Grazer is now the producer. And somehow Billy Crystal got picked up to host his ninth show. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Billy. He’s been a great host. But how about a change up? Or someone that’s actually made a movie in the last five years? NPH? Tina Fey? Hugh Jackman? I mean at least he’ll be better than last year’s fiasco but still, next time let’s spice it up a bit okay?

In music news
The CMA’s were last week and in case you didn’t know it I’m a country girl at heart. Also, loved Carrie and Brad’s opening (especially the Eric Stonestreet participation). Also. Keith Urban singing? Swoonfest. And really, Lady A, just adore them. And some of the dresses, freaking fabulous. Ah, love the good ole country kids.

In TV news
Top Model. I mean. Yay Greece but really, a photo shoot in a salad bowl? As salad? What the eff is that? Also, Shannon and her underwear/bathing suit logic makes NO SENSE to me. I was so glad they gave her the boot because man, annoying. Also it’s sort of nice that there’s no crazy drama however next week’s preview sort of looks like it’s coming unfortunately. Damn. But really, loving this season and still rooting for little miss Laura and possibly Dominique. Also Four Four’s recap is better, enjoy.

Will & Grace meets Glee. This video was just too funny and very well mashed up. Also, am I the only one falling out of love with Glee? I’m a few weeks behind and I keep lacking the desire to catch up and it makes me sad. I really want to like it, I do. But oy.

Grey’s Anatomy. Wow. I mean. I sort of knew what was going to happen before I watched because I read a spoiler but still, tears. Actual misty eyed tears here. Seriously why did they have to kill Henry, Teddy was so happy finally and now, oy. And not telling her Henry died!? Ah! Heart wrenching. And Cristina. Man, when she cries, it gets me. And Meredith and Derek and no Zola!? Why Shonda, why!? Just give them their cute little baby. Or just give us more of Sophia because man that child is adorable as Sloane and Robbins so clearly told Derek, haha. Also, car accident? Dead bodies? Avery messing up!? So many things!

The Big Bang Theory. “Come back so I can love you!” I mean, Sheldon, can we be friends already? Also Penny and Leonard on the non-date date was pretty great. I just want them to get back together already.

How I Met Your Mother. The slap bet! Yes! Love the return of the slaps!! And then Barney and Robin!? My goodness!  But really, love this show still.


Lastly in today’s WTFness we have some of the crazies that camped out for Breaking Dawn. I mean. A few women are wearing a freaking wedding dress! Ah. Nutty.



happy tuesday!

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  • Grey’s was intense- and the worst part is that it won’t be on again until January! Gah… that show kills me. I’m going to be pretty pissed if there really is no baby Zola for MerDer in the end.

    And The Hunger Games… I can barely wait!

  • I am SO overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the HG trailer. Every time I watch the part where Katniss volunteers for Prim my eyes fill with tears. I mean, really.

    ALSO GREY’S ANATOMY. OMG. As if I have another 3 days to wait before watching this week’s episode. Cannot handle. HENRY WAS MY FAVORITe :( Like actually, he was my fave actor in Felicity (back in the 90s) and he was killed in that show too. Can everyone stop killing Scott Foley? It’s taking a toll on my heart!

  • I feel the same way about Glee this year too, thankfully, I can still re-live the good ol days from season one on DVD.

    that picture of suri cracks me up more now that I regularly read her “burn book” on tumblr.

  • 1. suri is my girl. love.
    2. i really dig the name stella. such a freaking cutie!
    3. i love blake. i love ryan. i don’t know if i love them together? eh.
    4. my heart aches with every preview of breaking dawn. like i kind of can’t contain the excitement. and then to have to wait for part two…oh mannnn.
    5. glee, mmm, yeah. i kind of miss last season. and the season before that. i feel like there has been A LOT less musical tunes and a lot of ridiculous stories going on. hopefully it’ll come back to it’s full potential.
    6. greys-i neeeed to catch up. ack.
    7. big bang theory-so obsessed. thanks for that. seriously, thanks!

  • SO excited about Hunger Games. I’m not sure I can wait that long!!!

  • Wow there is so much to comment on! I loved the Hunger Games trailer and Kristen’s dress at the premiere. Sexy. And I’m not a fan of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. That’s just…not fair.

  • I’m so disappointed with Glee this season. I just think it’s getting progressively worse. :-(

  • YES – to all of these things. I’m so annoyed that I didn’t get to see Justin Timberlake while he was here in my little city for the Marine Corps Ball, I really hope the Oscars aren’t as train-wrecky as they were last year because that was AWFUL, and the Top Model salad bowl thing was the weirdest thing they’ve done. I get it – Greek Salad – but it just seemed more silly than anything else.

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