Relaxing shenanigans.

by katelin on November 14, 2011

You know those weekends with not a lot planned and not a lot to do? Yeah those are sometimes my favorite kind of weekend. And I’m so happy when they happen.

Friday: After a crazy long week at work I trekked on over to my father-in-law’s place for dinner since Matt was playing nurse that night. Well Matt and his brother and his wife and I was there for moral support and all that jazz. (Side note: FIL had knee surgery earlier in the week, Matt’s been on and off nurse all week, so it was nice to spend time with him). After a hearty Italian dinner I made my way home to relax and watch some DVRed shows with Matt and just yes, perfection.

Saturday: Slept in for a bit (hurrah!) before running some morning errands (I swear, there are always errands to run on Saturdays it seems like) and eventually coming home to do some organizing and tidying up and lazing around. For a fun afternoon break I decided to treat my youngest brother Kurt to lunch. It was fun getting to spend time with the kid and just talk to him, especially the day after his first HS dance (I’m such a big sister sometimes) and getting some details and chatting about his life things and all that jazz so lovely.

After I took Kurt home I got to relax a bit more before I had an entire evening to relax, because I was headed to the spa! After an invite to go to the spa Saturday night I definitely took up the offer and was glad that Kerri could join me. It was just the perfect kind of night. Another post is coming about the spa itself because my goodness does it deserve it. After a night of pampering I enjoyed a glass of red wine and some Harry Potter and it was just the kind of night I needed.

Sunday: Slept in. Reorganized random things. Cleaned up. Watched Modern Family (finished season one and my goodness LOVE IT). Read. Napped. Sweet dinner date with my husband.

And then we saw A Very Merry Harold and Kumar Christmas and I was highly (pun intended, although I don’t smoke, haha) entertained. Home. Relax. The end.


And how was your weekend? Get any naps or pampering in?


happy monday!

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