The Fever.

by katelin on November 10, 2011

I’ve got the fever and I don’t think more cowbell will cure it.

I’m putting it out there, I’ve got baby fever. Like OHMYGODBABIES kind of fever. It’s a wee bit ridiculous even. Also it doesn’t help that everyone I know is HAVING CUTE BABIES right now. Like really Kerri and Julie and Jimaie‘s girls make me want to buy a tutu and headband for my future daughter right this instant. And then we have Ashley and Bri and Hillary and their precious little guys and my goodness, BABIES.

And don’t worry, this isn’t a shock to Matt, he knows, he gets it and he still loves me even with the crazy.

I think just need a baby to play with for a bit and give back to its parents and I’ll be good to go (for a while). Right? Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?

In no way is this post saying that we’re having a baby, because honestly we are not ready. I am not ready. There are more places we want to go, we want to move to a bigger place (I dream of houses but it’s looking more like apartment or condo), get a dog (one that I’m not allergic to) and all sorts of fabulous things.

But right now, I really can’t stop thinking BABY.

So for now don’t mind me if baby talk comes up or I post even more adorable pictures of celebrity kids, I really can’t help it. Just know, no babies on the way here. Just crazy dreams of babies and playing with other people’s kids in the meantime. Cause, you know, that’s totally normal and all.



happy thursday!

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  • you’re so cute lol! If it helps, I totally have baby fever too… Except I’m 22, single & NO WAY ready to have a kid! That’s why I’m gonna have a good time spoiling my nephew and then handing him right back to my sis-in-law and brother. :) Is it just a girl thing? The baby fever? Who knows. But they’re just so darn cute, can’t help it!

  • Michelle Woo

    Haha, me too kinda. So scary, though! Ah, so weird how quickly that happens, huh? :)

  • girl, i’m a few years old than you so if you could only imagine the very loud tick tocking of my baby clock right now it’s sick. I WANT ONE!

    sadly i have a few steps i need to complete before i get one though (marriage, etc), and that means babies may be a long way off which makes me very sad.

    but in the meantime – TICK TOCK TICK TOCK is all i hear

  • There’s only one cure for the fever, and it’s a cute one! I think it’s definitely smart to evaluate where you are and when you think you’ll be ready, but I was shocked by how little our life has changed with Hannah’s arrival. I mean, yes, it’s radically different, but at the same time, we are still so much the same.

    In the meantime, post away about babies! I’ll never be able to get enough!

  • Sam

    Girl I love babytalk! Go for it! I can handle it.

    We’re hoping for one of our some day soon too….


  • Borrow a baby for a day, the parents will love you for it and you’ll probably cure your baby fever for a while. However, feel free to post adorable baby pics since I don’t mind looking at them, so long as I’m not being asked to hold them.

  • Borrowing a baby could increase your baby fever. If the baby is really good for you then it might just make you think you really want one now.

    Hang out with a baby all day. Then you’ll hear them cry and watch them be fussy and it’ll keep things in perspective. :)

  • Amy

    Um, you & Matt will have the cutest babies. Not helpful?

  • Ah, babies.
    Lately? I’m a huge fan of them. Of having one physical/myself? Not so much.
    But I love to see babies, cute baby commercials, and hold other people’s babies when possible.
    So I get it.
    But no where close/ready to have babies of my/our own!

  • haha…i read an someecard the other day…

    you know were growing up when people start having babies on purpose.


    and i’m so right there with you on the whole baby thing. i’ve been for a while. it’s kind of scary since i’m not in a serious relationship by any means. but i’m like i want a baby RIGHT NOW for keeps. i don’t ever want to give them back.

  • Babies are cool and squishy and lovable but tiring. Oh so tiring. You and Matt will make adorable babies when you’re ready :)

  • Don’t tell Mike, but sometimes I have it too! At least Julie Q lets me and our fellow Boston blog buddies live vicariously through her :)

  • Awww, my advice is to enjoy this time with just you and your hubby and party it up!! Enjoy going to movies, going out to dinner, shopping and buying fun random things, heck.. even food shopping! Babies will come and take over your world, but when it happens it will be amazing. So have fun now, and you’ll have fun later too :)
    I love Susan’s comment. Chlo-town gets many a facetime with the Boston Bloggers!! Katelin you are welcome to this baby whenever you want
    PS. And obviously you and Matt will be ridiculously awesome parents some day!

  • Jen

    Katelin, if you don’t blog soon, people will think you’re too busy procreating. :)

    I am excited for you to have bebes whenever you’re ready!

  • Babies in your future … yay you! =)

    Although I have to say being a Nana is a lot more fun than being a mommy! lol

  • this is one fever I have never had

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  • I am usually in a constant state of baby fever. Thankfully my boyfriend has a 4 year old and we’ve been together since she was 1 so I’ve been able to curb it by all of her cuteness. I also have a big family which lets me cuddle with lots of babies. Still though, how can you not want one when holding them in your arms? It’s tough. I feel you on not being ready though. I have a hard enough time when the bf’s little one is visiting.

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