The Fever.

by katelin on November 10, 2011

I’ve got the fever and I don’t think more cowbell will cure it.

I’m putting it out there, I’ve got baby fever. Like OHMYGODBABIES kind of fever. It’s a wee bit ridiculous even. Also it doesn’t help that everyone I know is HAVING CUTE BABIES right now. Like really Kerri and Julie and Jimaie‘s girls make me want to buy a tutu and headband for my future daughter right this instant. And then we have Ashley and Bri and Hillary and their precious little guys and my goodness, BABIES.

And don’t worry, this isn’t a shock to Matt, he knows, he gets it and he still loves me even with the crazy.

I think just need a baby to play with for a bit and give back to its parents and I’ll be good to go (for a while). Right? Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?

In no way is this post saying that we’re having a baby, because honestly we are not ready. I am not ready. There are more places we want to go, we want to move to a bigger place (I dream of houses but it’s looking more like apartment or condo), get a dog (one that I’m not allergic to) and all sorts of fabulous things.

But right now, I really can’t stop thinking BABY.

So for now don’t mind me if baby talk comes up or I post even more adorable pictures of celebrity kids, I really can’t help it. Just know, no babies on the way here. Just crazy dreams of babies and playing with other people’s kids in the meantime. Cause, you know, that’s totally normal and all.



happy thursday!

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