Quiet, quiet Hollywood.

by katelin on November 8, 2011

Oh Hollywood, what’s happening? Good things right? Well let’s catch up shall we?

Bringing a major dose of cuteness we have Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burka fully embracing the Halloweenness with their twins. Seriously, I die. They’re whole Neverland theme is just so precious.

Also bringing some major cuteness we have Heidi Klum out on a super sweet date with daughter Lou. Seriously how did Lou get so big already? She’s too adorable!

In other news, Stanley Tucci is engaged to Emily Blunt’s older sister, congrats!…in other weddingness, Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amuri got hitched last weekend, congrats!  and seriously I ADORE her dress and her mom’s…somehow in 2008 I missed this article, but did you how awesome Mr. Rodgers was?…Keith Urban is having throat surgery and I am a nervous fan, sending happy healthy recovery vibes your way Keith! Also, get a haircut, thanks…although I may not be a fan of Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner I still don’t think it’s cool someone started a fight with them and bottles were thrown, eek, glad they’re both okay…also okay and super cute is Michelle Williams, adore her:

In some favoriteness…
Did you know Ryan Gosling is the world’s best Quiet Actor. Really, he is. He apparently still gets chummy with costars. I mean goodness.

Leo. Oh Leo. He’s out promoting J.Edgar (which I hope is good and gives him an Oscar nod) and he is looking as suave as ever, mmmmswoooon.

In today’s Twilightness
The magic trio got the awesome honor of putting their hands in cement at the Chinese Theater and the fans went willllllld. Rob even granted one woman’s dying wish to meet him. So nice right?

In other movie news
American Reunion.  An actual trailer and it made me laugh and yeah I sort of am excited for this movie.

THE HUNGER GAMES. So Vanity Fair has decided to do a beautiful spread of the Hunger Games cast. And even one of the Trio (which isn’t really a TRIO in the first one, go away GALE! – sorry, I have issues with this still). But um, doesn’t this ring a little familiar? Yeah I thought so too LTT, thanks for verifying.
In today’s TV news
Greek. Oh. How I miss this show and my weekly dose of Cappie.  Turns out there was originally a different ending for the finale and as interesting as it is, I’m glad they stuck with the one they aired.

Criminal Minds. Adore this show. Clearly. Also adore, Reid, aka Matthew Gray Gubler. And apparently he is an avid Tumblr user. Love it, love him.

Modern Family. Still in Season One, but I am still loving this show. Constantly finding myself laughing out loud. And I Love it.

Top Model.  So many things. Pot Ledom? Um. What?! Oh Tyra. You are nuts. Also, music videos? Oy. Although I have to admit some were pretty catchy. But someone please explain to me how Allison’s was about her dad? I get it was rough, but the lyrics made no sense at all to me. Also loved that The Game straight called her weird to her face. And yeah I think Dominique may be the top contender here. Despite Allison’s oddness I think D has got it. We’ll see though. For a much better recap, check out Four Four per usual.

Once Upon a Time. Are you watching this show? I am. And I admit, I’m intrigued. I’m a sap for fairytales. And this show is way less creepy than Grimm (I saw 10 minutes of an episode and it was too much).

Lastly in today’s WTF news we have one of the best statements to come out of an earthquake. I mean luckily everyone was okay, but this is just a GEM:

Anything else I missed?


happy tuesday!

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