Think happy thoughts.

by katelin on October 21, 2011

Peter Pan is one of my favorite movies/stories/everything. I used to dream about being Wendy as a kid (and sometimes I still do, shhhh don’t tell!). One of the simplest philosophies that I like to embrace is to “think happy thoughts.” Obviously in Peter Pan’s world doing that and getting some pixie dust makes the kids fly, sadly that’s not the case here (seriously how awesome would it be to fly!?).

In any case, I find that when life is busy or crazy or nutty or I just feel overwhelmed that I should sit back and think happy thoughts. Or happy things. Basically things that make me happy. So. Here we go.

  • Autumn scented candles. Seriously they are making my life SO MUCH BETTER. Especially when they’re lighting up an adorable Haunted House.
  • ¬†Watching Hocus Pocus. Seriously, THE BEST Halloween movie.
  • Getting emails asking if I’d like to review some sparkling wine, I may have responded YES in record time.
  • Seafood filled dinner dates with the husband.
  • Grandmas that are lovely (thanks for all the sweet comments).
  • Scarf wearing weather, thank goodness it’s here.
  • Wonderfully adorable surprises from my friends at Nintendo.
  • Honeycrisp apples. My newest discovery (thanks to Nicole and Keely) and man are they tasty.
  • Plans to see lots of family this weekend. Lovely.
  • Having dreams involving wands and spells and hippogriffs (clearly reading Harry Potter before bed has its benefits).


Simple yet it does the trick. Remember kids, happy thoughts.  So, tell me. What are your happy thoughts?


happy weekend!

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