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by katelin on August 30, 2011

So I take a week off of a Hollywood post and then EVERYTHING happens! Like so much everything. And my goodness here we go.

Starting this week off we have my favorites, Jennifer Garner with daughters Violet and Seraphina. AND OHMYGOODNESS DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS?!!? Jen is pregnant! As in another ADORABLE AFFLECK-GARNER BABY IS ON THE WAY!! As in yay! Just so much excitement for that family. So stop it with the negativity already, please. So hurray and congrats to my favorite family of Hollywood!!

Also looking all sorts of adorable we have a newbie to the blog, Miranda Kerr with her and Orlando Bloom’s son Flynn. Seriously the little guy is just so squishy and cute!

In other bebe news, Beyonce announced on Sunday night at the VMA’s that her and Jay-Z are expecting their first kidlet, congrats!…also expecting (well supposedly) is Brenda Song (a la Disney Channel) is knocked up with Trace Cyrus (Miley’s tatted up older brother)’s kid, crazypants…Scrubs and Clueless alumni Donald Faison is engaged to Jessica Simpson’s BFF Cacee Cobb, congrats!…also newly engaged is Amber Tamblyn and David Cross...Did you know that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a pioneer of dance moves? Truly, he was…also did you know that Brad Pitt is a hero? He saved a life on the set of his new movie, seriously the man is awesome…and finally, looking all sorts of amazing in a new Bulgari ad is Rachel Weisz, seriously, wowza:

In some favoriteness
Ryan Gosling. The Man really is everywhere these days and in no way am I complaining. I mean he broke up a fight and he’s got a new magazine feature and just yes. Hello there.

In today’s Twilightness
Newish stills from Breaking Dawn. And yep, still skeptical. It’s just going to be too much. I can’t handle it. Although I do love this image of Rosalie and Alice getting Bella all beautified for her wedding.

In other movie news…
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I honestly cannot wait for this movie to come out in December. In the meantime, time to enjoy some new stills.

The Hunger Games. MTV’s teaser trailer really was just that. I mean. Lame. Even more lame is that Gale is narrating and I can already assume they’ve upped his role from the book and just ugh, sorry Liam, just not a fan of you. Not even a little bit.

New Year’s Eve. Okay this could be cute, Valentine’s Day was cuteish. But come on! Don’t have the same actors and have them playing all new people (Jessica Biel and Ashton Kutcher are in both and as different people, I don’t get it!!). Anyhoo, here’s the trailer, I swear it’s like a game of “spot the celebrity.”

Carnage. I love me some Kate Winslet and this movie just looks random yet quite entertaining. So yeah check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

In some TV news…
Top Model. Oh it’s coming back and it’s coming back soon. And although I’m still bummed that Jade will not be on this “best of” season it still looks like it’s got some serious potential for awesomeness. ┬áJust check out this lineup. And this mini trailer for Isis. Love it all.

How I Met Your Mother. Some new images were released from the season premiere and it looks like they just skip on over Barney’s nuptials and are right into Punchy’s (I knew it!) and from the looks of it all, things get pretty interesting.


Lastly in today’s WTFness not only is it weird to me that women keep dating Marilyn Manson but it’s even weirder that his latest girlfriend decided to dress like this, in public. And just. Ew.


Anything I missed besides the VMAs because that was just too much to talk about. And I didn’t watch, so fill me in.


happy tuesday!

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  • So excited about Jen! I’ve been rewatching Alias for the last few weeks and it is just making me adore her even more :)

  • I thought of you as soon as I heard about Jen and Ben!

  • Liv

    I think the most awesome part of the VMA’s was Beyonce’s announcing the baby and Adele performing, seriously goosebumps!

    I didn’t now J. Garner was preggers again- I love the girls, but part of me is hoping is a boy! A mini Ben would be perfect after two mini Jens!


  • I’m so overwhelmed with everything in this post! This is what happens when you disconnect for 3 weeks… EVERYTHING IS NEWS!!

  • I am so happy Jen and Ben are having another baby! Cannot wait to see who she looks like. And Flynn is SO CUTE. OMG those cheeks, I cannot handle it.

  • terra

    I cannot even begin to explain to you how excited I am for the return of fall tv! I miss him so much!

  • Heather

    I couldn’t agree more about the lameness of that so-called trailer of the Hunger Games during the VMA’s! Ridiculous!

  • I was so disappointed with that Hunger Games trailer! And yes, wowza on Rachel Weisz (and that purse)!

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