A sparkly BlogHer-rific weekend.

by katelin on August 8, 2011

Every time I spend a weekend with so many people I adore it’s hard to sum it up into one post without getting too mushy or rambly. So I can’t promise too much here but I’ll give it a go nonetheless.

Thursday: After finishing up some fun times insurance stuff Matt and I hit the road and made our way to San Diego. Once we arrived we got ourselves some tasty Mexican food for lunch before I met up with some of my most favorite people at the Marriott. It was so nice to hang out and relax and give hugs and squees and checkin for BlogHer and so many wonderful things. Eventually I made my way back to the Omni and Matt and I headed to Coronado to meet up with some friends for s’mores on the beach. It was so loverly. Beach chairs, champagne, s’mores, friends and photo pops. Lovely.
After s’mores we made our way to dinner at the Coronado Fire House where I had some of the cheesiest mac and cheese ever, it was awesome. It was also nice to catch up with some of my college friends that I don’t get to see nearly enough and yes, just nice all around.

me, AJ and Alli. love these two. 

After our Coronado adventure Matt and I came back to our hotel and called it a night with some wine and TV and was just the kind of nigh we needed before the busy weekend ahead.
Friday: Bright and early I got going and BlogHer ’11 kicked off! It was a full day of panels and networking and exploring the Expo hall and taking ridiculous pictures:
I also got to meet up with Tia which was fabulous and fun. The whole day went by super quick and before I knew it it was happy hour time. Rachael organized a small meet up at Roy’s and it was just lovely to hang at their outside bar and chat it up with my friends and relax and kick back for a bit. After happy hour was a bit of relaxing before Matt and I made our way back to the Marriott to meet up with everyone for the Nintendo dinner. The past two years Nintendo has treated it’s brand ambassadors to some fabulous dinners at BlogHer and this year was no different. We were all greeted with lei’s and got to take a boat over to Coronado. It was so awesome!
 you can’t tell, but we’re on a boat, haha. 
Berrak, Jenn & Doni on the boat. 
After the boat ride we arrived at the Del to our own private dinner on the beach. It was amazing. There were hula dancers and a drummer and all sorts of delicious Hawaiian food and quite the themed dinner night. There were also campfires set up which were fun to hang around since it was a bit chilly out. The whole night was great hanging out so many Nintendo friends and I was glad Matt could come with me this time around. At the end of the night we all received these oh so super comfy T-shirts (I’m wearing mine as I type this because I LOVE it).
Once we arrived back at the Marriott we all made our way to Sparklecorn! The party was decked out with a unicorn cake and movie/TV/celeb posters everywhere and glow sticks and basically all things glittery and awesome.
talk about a cake. 

what can I say, I’m a fan of Dexter.

Allison & Jess love unicorns. Clearly.  
After plenty of drinks and dancing and crazy photos we called it a night and my goodness was it nice to go to bed, haha.
Saturday: Thank goodness day two of BlogHer started later in the day because that extra sleep came in useful. The day consisted of exploring the Expo some more, meeting new people at breakfast and a panel or two. I also had a fabulous lunch break with Matt, Rachael and Doni that was just perfect. The whole day was lovely and so glad I could attend BlogHer again. After a little nap Matt and I made our way to dinner in the Gaslamp district and it was so nice and romantic being together, drinking wine, eating on a patio. Loverly. Eventually it was party time again and we made our way back to the Marriott for the CheeseburgHer party! It seriously is always my favorite party of BlogHer and this year was no different, it was such a great time. There was a fabulous DJ, lots of McDonald’s burgers and fries, plenty of bags to decorate and so many wonderful people.
 love this one. 

me & Nanette! one day we’ll hang out in LA.  

it wouldn’t be a party if I didn’t have a bag on my head.  
Sunday: After packing up and saying some goodbyes Matt and I made our way to breakfast to visit his friend Amanda for a bit. It was a great way to finish up our time in San Diego and I can’t wait until we go back (hopefully soon!). The rest of the day was the drive and me sleeping and Harry Potter watching and cleaning up and just regular Sunday things. Twas loverly.
And that my friends is what I call a super busy awesome fun weekend.
And how was your weekend?
happy monday!
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