Looking up.

by katelin on July 15, 2011

Monday was not a great day at work. Tuesday was not much better. I had too many emails, too many projects, I was overwhlemed and whiny and it wasn’t pretty.

All I wanted to do was cry. It wasn’t my finest moment.

And then Tuesday was over. I went home.

And my husband was there with a kiss and a hug.

And there were two fun packages waiting for me from my friends at Nintendo.

And there was a 10$ DSW gift card waiting for me as well.

And then we went to dinner and I ate fried mac & cheese and carbonara and drank a huge glass of wine. And we talked and planned a vacation. And it was lovely.


And I realized that yeah, work days can be shitty sometimes but at the end of the day it’s the little things that really get you through it all.

*today’s PSA brought to you by Katelin’s inner need to be happy and look on the bright side of everything, life is just a whole lot better that way* 


happy weekend!

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  • fried mac n cheese, carbonara and a huge glass of wine are all pretty foolproof ways to turn a frown upside down. yum.

    i’m glad your week turned around. i’m also glad to find in my return to the blogosphere that you and your blog are still well and thriving!

    happy weekend :)

  • Heidi

    But what was in the packages??!

    • it was a black light & message in a bottle! the final package arrived yesterday & i should get a post up about it all soon. so fun.

  • I’m so sorry you had some rough moments this week, but am very happy that you’ve got some happies in your life to pick you up :)

  • I like your ‘tude, lady! The little happy things in life really are so important! Can’t wait to hear about the vacation you’re planning!

  • Fried mac and cheese and/or a big glass of wine – I think that’d do it for me too!

  • Honestly, this post made me feel a little better about myself because you’re one of those people who always seems to be a ball of sunshine and always have the greatest days! I’m glad to know that you have days of stress and tears like the rest of us. ;) HOWEVER, I’m also happy to hear that your hubby (and mail goodness!) were there to brighten your day right away.

    There’s nothing like a sweet husband, delicious food and some wine to turn a day around.

    Love you, miss!

  • Keep up that positive attitude!

  • Glad it got better! :)

  • Aww dear I’m sorry you didn’t have a great week :( I’m saying that this week will be better!! Big squeeze

  • I hope that this upcoming week is so much better for you1

  • I really like your dress!

  • Food + wine + talk + vacation planning = YAY!

    Also, fried mac & cheese? I’m jealous.

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