Oh heyyyyy Hollywood.

by katelin on July 13, 2011

So apparently when life is busy and work is busy and I’m busy I get overwhelmed and just flustered but then what makes me happy is catching up on Hollywood and writing a crazy rambling post about it. So yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. Hurrah Hollywood!

Starting out with some cuteness we have Nicole Kidman holding on tight to both of her daughters, Sunday and Faith, as they make their way through the airport. Seriously they look so much like her and Keith and they’re just precious.

In other cuteness we have my FAVORITEST family ever, the Garner-Afflecks, all decked out for the 4th of July and seriously, I die. Their cuteness slays me.

In other baby news, everyone is giving birth or pregnant! Victoria Beckham gave birth to a daughter, Harper Seven and I’m pretty sure she came out wearing stilettos…Kate Hudson welcomed another son over the weekend and she’s still deciding on a name…Denise Richards adopted a daughter, Eloise Joni…Jewel also welcomed her first son, Kase Townes… and Kerri Russell is pregnant with her second child…See? Lots of babies! In non-bebe news, America Ferrera got hitched and looked absolutely lovely…Selena Gomez may be dating The Biebs but she has a super crush on Shia LaBeouf and when she met him it was adorable….also adorable, the fact that Mila Kunis is going to go on a blind date with a marine, seriously too cute…Lenny Kravitz is all about old school phones, clearly…And as if we didn’t already know that Beyonce is fierce, I ADORE this dress she wore on stage a couple weeks ago. I mean yes it’s yellow and frilly so clearly I’d love it but Beyonce seriously rocks it:

In some favoriteness…
Josh and Diane. One of my favorite couples. Looking all coupley and adorable and HEART.

One of my favorite leading ladies, Kate Winslet looked absolutely DIVINE and so chic at a Lancome event in London. Seriously the woman can do no wrong in my eyes, heart her.
 In today’s Twilightness
Taylor Lautner is moving beyond Jacob Black and pursuing bigger roles, such as Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout. It’s going to be an instant classic. Just watch.

And Dakota Fanning took a page out of Emma Watson’s book and is embracing a new short hairdo, a very short hairdo. And I can’t decide if I’m a fan yet or not. *and update, it’s a wig, whew*

In movie news…
The Dark Knight Rises. Let’s just say I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE. And we have our first teaser poster, and I love it and I’m intrigued and supposedly we get our first trailer soon and the geeky Batman loving nerd in me goes bezerk.

It’s crazy to think that Harry Potter is coming to an end in theaters and the cast is having one hell of a time wrapping it up, but one of the cutest I’ve seen so far is some of them singing “Party in the USA”, love it. Also, who new that Matt Lewis (Neville) was a good looking guy and not a total dork like his character?

In TV news…
Dexter. Oh how I can’t wait for the next season (I can’t wait so much that we’re actually getting Showtime, haha). But the new season is going to jump ahead a year and it has so much potential. Cannot wait.

CSI: Another show I may just have to give up despite the fact that they’ve brought in Ted Danson to take over the “lead role” recently vacated by Lawrence Fishburne. I mean I’ll probably still watch because I love it, but I think it’s on its last leg.

Criminal Minds. Looks like Mark Moses has got that killer vibe since he’s taking he’s devious ways from Wisteria Lane to the season premiere of Criminal Minds and I cannot wait, I know he’ll be just so very creepy.

Lastly in today’s WTF news Chris Hansen, the man infamous for catching child predators on camera was caught cheating on his wife…wait for it…ON CAMERA. I mean  that’s just too ridiculous to be true. Even better was that the National Enquirer helped facilitate the sting. So nutty and so in need of a Jerry Springer episode, haha.


I know there’s a ton I missed like the Royal visit and what not, but I could only cover so much, haha.


happy wednesday!

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  • Love the Hollywood gossip!

  • Ahhh so many babies! They’re giving me baby fever!

  • Laura

    I am so giddy to see Harry P this weekend! Also a bit sad that it’s all over. I will probably be bawling by the end like I did when I read that last few pages of the book…. And yes, who knew Neville was actually quite good looking! I think seeing him in his “awkward” years in the movies kind of just made Matt Lewis a dork to me in real life. LOL

    I wonder how many more seasons we have of our dearly loved Dexter…

  • OK I don’t know how Neville got so hot either. But DAMMNNNNN. Also, Dakota Fanning w/ short hair = NOT OK. I’m not a fan.

  • OMG Matt Lewis looks fantastic!! I’m also not a fan at all of Dakota’s new hair, I think the main reason the Emma Watson pulls it off so well is because she has such bold and stunning female features but Dakota isn’t pretty in the same way… I don’t like. Ah well.

  • I want the Afflecks to adopt me!!

  • Isn’t it amazing how Victoria Beckham copied my daughter’s name?

  • I was shocked and amazed to see how sexy Neville turned out. The whole time watching the movie last night, I had the above image in my mind. He’s delicious.

  • hollywood, i die. love all the gossip.

    love all the babies popping out…and the cuteness of the affleck-garner clan. seriously, ben is just awesome.

    and of course, josh and diane. how presh are they!

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