Hello Summer, Hello Hollywood.

by katelin on June 21, 2011

Hi Tuesday. Hi Hollywood. Hi summertime. Good to see you again.

Starting off this week’s cuteness we have the oh so beachy and trendy McConaughey family on a walk around the happiest place on earth. I mean when did Vida get so dang big and adorable? And Levi with those suspenders? I melt.

Also bringing the cuteness is new(ish) dads Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka on a Father’s Day stroll with their twins Harper and Gideon:

In other bebe news Greek star Spencer Grammer is most definitely pregnant and loves it, congrats to the mom-to-be. Also, I have to add, it would be awesome if she ┬ánamed the baby Cappie, just sayin…also in bebe news, Natalie Portman gave birth to a son last week, congrats!…in some weddingness, Kim Kardashian has set up her wedding registry and just wow…after being injured in a critical jet ski accident in May Sean Kingston is recovering well and tweeted to let us know so….however in some sad news, Jackass star Ryan Dunn died after a horrific car accident Monday night, let’s hope it wasn’t due to the reasons everyone is assuming (reckless driving, drunk driving, etc) and just a sad freak accident….in other news, Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress has sold for a staggering $4.6 million dollars….and speaking of dresses I sort of really adore Katie Holmes and Elle Fanning’s oh so chic looks.

In some favoriteness
Josh and Diane. Oh how I heart them so much. Especially when they get all schnazzy pants for events and just look so in lurve.
Also, Josh will be announcing this year’s Emmy nominations with funny lady Melissa McCarthy. I might actually have to tune in this year, just to support my guy Josh.

And. We have Ryan Gosling carrying his dog up an escalator. I mean. The cuteness. It’s too much. It may also be illegal but who cares?
In today’s Twilightness
Nikki Reed and her fiance Paul McDonald stepped on out looking fabulous at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

And yesterday was Edward Cullen’s 110th birthday, how did you celebrate?

In other movie news…
The Avengers. I hope this movie is good. I really do. In any case we have a sneak peek at a very animated movie poster that I sort of really love.
Also, if you really love board games you’ll be happy to know that there are SEVEN board game movies in the works. SEVEN. Because that’s totally necessary.

In TV news…
DEXTER. Be still my heart. The teaser for the upcoming season is just so eerie and creepy and I CANNOT WAIT. I’m so excited in fact that we might actually get Showtime so I can watch this show in real time, like a normal person, instead of binge watching eight episodes in one day (so not good for my sanity…or social life).

Glee. Ryan Murphy has announced that the seniors on the show will be graduating this season. I sort of figured it’d have to come to this. But really, why didn’t they just take the Greek approach to seasons? Have one season be from the beginning of the school year to winter break? Really it was much more effiicient that way. And now we’ll be losing some of our favorites and I’m just not a fan.

Lastly in today’s WTF news we have two stories. One involves a very sneaky and creative graffiti artist. And the other one involves a marriage almost more bizarre than Hugh Hefner’s almost nuptials.


Oh what a crazy day in Hollywood. Anything big I missed?


happy tuesday!


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  • Um hello, that daddy stroll is the cutest thing ever.

    I just love your blog, by the way. Love it. You’re awesome.

  • Laura

    OMG… I cannot wait for Dexter too! I actually bit the bullet last year and ordered Showtime just to watch it. Love the new teaser… it’s gonna be a bad ass year!!! :)

  • I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THE 7 BOARD GAME MOVIES! I am a nerd like that. I love games. But as movies? This should be interesting.

    And I agree about Glee graduation. I think it is hard to get into a new group of characters knowing they will graduate in a few years. The show is a success because of the stars.

  • Ah, NPH and his children. Adorable. I love their names too.

  • OH my gosh I love that photo of Josh and Diane, that is just the right amount of scruff on him and her dress is flawless.

  • gasp, so much of my favorites of hollywood in one post.

    diane and josh, ryan gosling, casey cartwright, cutie patutie levi, the avengers, edward cullen, glee.

    i really need to cut back.

  • This movie board game thing is sort of strange. Also, I think we’re running out of original thoughts and people are getting desperate.

    Also, I’d like to put Ryan Gosling in my pocket and take him with me everywhere.

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