Quite a movie weekend.

by katelin on May 31, 2011

It’s a little ridiculous how much I enjoy weekends. I enjoy weekends almost as much as I enjoy sleep and going to the movies. And luckily this past weekend I got to a whole lot of all of that and it was fabulous.

Friday: Got off early from work and about 3.5 seconds after I got home I managed to get into my pajamas and crash in my bed for a nice two hour nap, seriously, life is exhausting y’all. Once I woke up Matt and I met my aunt and uncle for a fabulous Mexican dinner followed by some catching up and Mentalist watching and an early crash into bed. It was nice and it was lovely and it was just what we needed.

Saturday: Slept in until about 10 (hark! sleep! I adore it!) and woke up all sorts of motivated to clean the apartment and do all sort sorts of productive errands I’d been putting off (like exchanging a dress at H&M and finally taking my wedding dress to the dry cleaners, a whole nine months later) and it was awesome. I also finally got to watch Sense & Sensibility, which I had been meaning to forever since I attempted to read the book a while back and just couldn’t get through it. And I sort of adored it, especially seeing Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant and Snape looking so young and British, haha. Afterwards Matt and I had a little seafood dinner date before heading to see the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was a fun movie, nothing too exciting really and it had it’s entertaining moments and it was a good weekend escape. And let’s be honest, Johnny Depp is never hard on the eyes, haha.

Sunday: Slept in super late again (hurrah!) had a delicious breakfast before venturing to Target and spending more money than intended (typical). Afterwards we made our way to my friend Megan’s house for a fun times BBQ. I may have had a little too many hurricanes but it was oh so worth it and the burgers were delicious and the company was hilarious. After a couple hours at the BBQ we came home to relax for a bit (read: I took a late night nap, haha) before heading to meet up with Megan and JR to see The Hangover Part Two. It was pretty funny, yeah it was the exact same movie just in Thailand (must be say “Thy-land”) but it had its funny moments and super gross and vulgar moments and yeah, good times.

Monday: Slept in super late again (seriously if there was an award for sleep I think I’d win it) before moseying up to my parents house to hang out and bribe my younger brother and Matt into washing my car, they’re just the bestest. Afterwards Matt and I decided to venture to Universal City Walk for a bit of lunch where I had my first Pink’s hot dog and just wow, deliciousness:

After a quick lunch we made our way to the theater to see Bridesmaids. I thought it was a pretty funny movie, definitely had its hilarious moments and had plenty of awkward moments (seriously I get so embarrassed for characters I can’t help it!) but I enjoyed it. After the movie Matt and I trekked to Universal Studios and did a quick tram ride before heading home and relaxing the night away.

So basically a win of a weekend full of movies and sleep and I am one happy girl, wahoo!


And how was your weekend? See any movies? Get some sleep in?


happy tuesday!

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  • Jen

    Three movies in one weekend – that is the Katelin I know, haha.

  • I really liked Bridesmaids too, but there were definitely a few super awkward moments. The food poisoning scene is still the most traumatizing! I saw Hangover 2 last night and laughed the entire time, it was SO over the top though haha!

  • I really want to see Bridesmaids, but I’m sure it’ll be a rental ;) I always giggle when I see Snape in Sense and Sensibility–it’s crazy to see him so young!

  • San

    Not bad. Sounds like a fun weekend with movies and food… always two thumbs up from me :)

  • Look at you go with the movies! I loved Bridesmaids so much. Definitely some amazingly awkward moments in that movie.

    I still need to see Hangover II; we had planned on going this past weekend but moving and unpacking took much longer than expected.

  • sounds like a great weekend with lots and lots of sleep. score to that!

    1. i still need to see bridesmaids.
    2. i’ve been dying to have me a pink’s hotdog. i’m jealous!

  • I am so impressed with all your movie viewing! I saw two movies in theaters over the course of two weeks and thought that was a lot. And I totally agree with your assessment of Hangover Part II – same movie, just different vulgarities.

  • everyone and their mother has seen the hangover 2 – what the hell am I waiting for?

  • Aksahdf;ka. So many things I like about this post. Let’s just start with the fact that you used the word ‘hark!’ in here. That alone makes it A+. Add to the fact you did a movie review (I get awkward for characters too!) and you talked about your love of naps, and I basically want to get up in your face and do some pppppoker face dance moves to express my love.

  • I loved loved loved Bridesmaids, but thought Hangover II was just okay. There is just no way it could live up to how great the first movie was!

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