That one time I went to the American Idol finale.

by katelin on May 27, 2011

Ready for some more Idolness? Of course you are.

So I got a last minute invite on Wednesday that there was an extra ticket for me courtesy of AT&T to attend the finale taping of American Idol if I could make it. Pshaw, of course I could make it!

I zipped home to change and then made my way back down to LA Live. I had to do a bit of work and make sure that the blogger/Brand Ambassador that I had set up to go on the red carpet was all settled and once that was done I got to relax a bit with some new friends while watching the red carpet from afar (which was totally fine by me, people were quite impressed with my ability to name the most off the wall celebs in attendance, it’s a gift really, haha).

Eventually I got my tickets and it was time to get in line for the show.  As I made my way to the back of the line I passed Ron Jeremy and had to explain to the people with me who he was, haha. Once I was in line and we started moving I caught a glimpse of Nikki Reed hanging out with some friends (at least I’m 90% sure it was her) and then I had the best celeb sighting of the day: Barry, from Storage Wars. If you recall my post from a few weeks ago I LOVE that show. I don’t know why and I can’t explain it but I LOVE it and Barry is hands down my favorite.

Anyhoo after I got over the ridiculous excitedness of seeing Barry I finally got to go into the theater. And you guys. My seat was in the Orchestra level. As in the FRONT SECTION. As in Row J. As in I didn’t need my glasses to see the performers on stage! It was amazing. Not only was the closeness to the stage amazing, but the closeness to celebrites was amazing as well. Access Hollywood host Billy Bush was literally three seats away from me, in my row. And across the aisle in the same row: Adam Lambert. Sitting behind him, Kris Allen. And behind him: Dr. Drew. It was too random and all sorts of awesome and the Hollywood aficionado like myself was all too entertained.

And then the show got started and just WOW. If you watched it you know what I’m talking about. It was AMAZING. It was the most eclectic show I’ve ever been to and it was awesome. I have such a random taste in music so the show was freaking perfect for me! A little bit of everything and everyone and I sort of died at the awesomeness.

The show went a little something like this:

  • The Top 13 Idols performed “Born this Way” and it was catchy and a fabulous start to the show.
  • Judas Priest performed with the rocker Idol and I pretended to know the words to the song.
  • One of my favorite gospel singers Kirk Franklin performed with Jacob Lusk and Gladys Knight came out as a surprise and it was magical.
  • Idol fave Casey sang “Fat Bottomed Girls” with Jack Black and everyone sang along.

  • The top Idol ladies did an amazing Beyonce medley and them BAM Beyonce herself came on out to show the girls how it was done and it was done fabulously.

  • Idol’s Haley did a duet with the legendary Tony Bennet and it was just so swoony and I felt like going back to Vegas.
  • Lil Jon did a bunch of yelling and eventually out came TLC and my middle school heart was happy. They sang “No Scrubs” and “Waterfalls” and just yes, amazing.
  • And then my country loving heart went nuts when Tim McGraw came out to sing his hit “Live Like You Were Dying” and Scotty joined him and it was just all sorts of country gold.

  • Marc Anthony did a Vegas like number with girls in pink feathers and it got everyone moving, especially when his wife, the always fierce J.Lo joined him on stage and put the dancers to shame, haha.
  • The Idol guys did a medley and then Tom Jones joined them on stage singing his hit “It’s Not Unusual” and everyone was doing the Carlton dance and it was magical.
  • Everyone went nuts when Lady Gaga took the stage on top of a rock mountain in the sparkliest outfit ever. Seriously it was almost hard to see her on stage because she was so glittery, haha. But man was she awesome and I sort of became a fan of “Edge of Glory” just because I was hearing it live.

  • Lauren starting singing “Before He Cheats” and then Carrie Underwood joined her and it was amazing and again my country heart was happy and just yes, awesome.
  • Beyonce came out again and sang her new slow single “1+1” and it was lovely.
  • A bit from the Spiderman musical was performed and Bono and the Edge took the stage and just wow, amazing.
  • Wrapping up the night’s performances Idol judge Steven Tyler took the stage and performed “Dream On” and it was pretty bad ass.

So yeah. Basically best set of concerts and music genres ever.

And then Idol crowned their new winner, Scotty McCreery. And there was confetti and streamers and it felt like New Year’s Eve, it was so fun!
And that was that. The party was over. And it was so much fun.

But just when I thought the awesomeness was done and I was headed back down the escalator to my car in the parking garage I saw Barry again. And then I did what any sane person does. I ran UP the DOWN escalator (yes I got looks, I would have given myself looks too) and casually strolled up to Barry and told him I loved the show and that he was my favorite. I didn’t ask for a picture because his friends looked a little annoyed but eh, I still got to meet him and now let’s go watch some Storage Wars.


So yes, that’s my Idol adventure and it was the perfect mid week escape and Hollywoodesque escape I needed, woo.


happy holiday weekend!


*I attended the American Idol finale on behalf of AT&T as a Brand Ambassador, they are also a client. But all thoughts are excitedness are all my own, obviously*

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