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by katelin on May 26, 2011

So if you’ve been following my twitter stream the past two days you’ve noticed that it’s been full of all sorts of American Idolness. And it’s been pretty sweet.

On Tuesday, on behalf of AT&T, I made my way to LA Live for a special Former Idol concert and meet and greet and all around American Idol event before night one of the season finale. And you guys, it was awesome.

I brought my friend Danielle along with me and I’m so glad I did, she was a fabulous assistant and celebrity spotter and lunch partner and Idol fan, woo. After wandering around the VIP area for a while the show got started and one of my favorite former Idols, Diana Degarmo took the stage. She was so dang adorable and her voice was amazing and she even did a number from 9-5 (which is currently performing in). After her performance she ran on out to catch a plane, but before doing so she stopped to take a picture with me and Danielle (seriously, too nice).

Next up there was some down time and we spotted a lot of Idol kids just walking around. Danielle spotted Season 9 contestant Tim Urban and we both started chatting with him. You guys, he is adorable (I mean I think that about all of the Idol kids but really, he was) and so nice and so gracious to be there, it was humbling.

Eventually after a short break, Season 6 Idol Blake Lewis be bopped his way up to the stage. His songs were so catchy and a little Jason Mrazing and I was a fan. And the crowd adored him too, so many Blake fans you could tell he had a great time.

After Blake performed there was another short break and I saw one of my all time favorite Idols, Season 5’s Ace Young. I mean, you guys, his performance of “Father Figure” was one of THE BEST ever. His season was one that I actually watched all the way through and man, so good. And just like all the other former Idols there he was so chatty and sociable and awesome. There was a little girl there that kept screaming at him and he was so cute with her and signed her shirt and talked it up with her. But yeah, he’s sort of a dream boat.

At one point all of the Idols came to the stage for a big sweepstakes reveal. AT&T sponsored a contest and the winner  came on stage for a chance to win ten million dollars. It was so fun to see all the Idols up there and the contest winner was obviously very excited. Ultimately she didn’t end up winning the ten million but she still walked away with ten thousand and a full week of Idol activities.

After the big sweepstakes the oh so fabulous and fierce Kimberly Caldwell took the stage. She did a few numbers with her guitarist and man she rocked it.

In the meantime I got to meet her fellow season 2 contestant with the same first name, Kimberly Locke. Talk about gorgeous! I mean I might have a girl crush. And she was so nice and fabulous and lovely to chat with.

The last act of the day was Season 7 contestant Jason Castro. His sound is so smooth and his dreads make him quite easy to spot, haha. But really he was a great act to end the day with.

And before everyone gathered up to do the meet and greet we all got to take one big group picture:

Once the pre events were all done it was time for the actual taping of the show!

Unfortunately cameras and phones aren’t allowed inside so I couldn’t take any pictures, but you guys, believe me when I say the inside of the theater is amazing. It’s seriously ridiculous. There’s so many lights and music and it’s basically like one big awesome dance party. And while we were hanging out in our seats we spotted Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance and all I could think about was every clip of her on The Soup spazzing out and yes, heart. But basically the show was a ton of fun. Each finalist performed three songs and they were all country and they were all pretty amazing. My country loving heart was pretty entertained.

However, it was funny when the night’s performer was Taoi Cruz, quite the split from country, haha. But he was awesome and his drummers and their light show were fascinating. The show moved so quickly and before I knew it we were wrapping up! I couldn’t believe it! All in all it was a fabulous experience and I’m so glad I got to attend. And as you also may have seen from my tweets, I also got to attend the actual finale show last night and that recap is coming tomorrow. Woo wee!


So tell me, are you an Idol fan? Who’s your favorite past Idol?


happy thursday!


*I attended both events on behalf of AT&T as a Brand Ambassador, they are also a client. But all thoughts are excitedness are all my own, obviously*
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  • Would you believe that I’ve never, ever seen a single episode of American Idol? Am I awful?!

  • This sounds so fun!! Although I CAN’T watch idol. Just can’t. It infuriates me. My old boss (an idol fanatic) tells me it’s because I don’t vote with the masses. Case and point, Ace Young. That was the only season I religiously watched. I loved Ace, then he got kicked off (like first, right?), then for whatever reason I decided I liked Bucky Covington, then he got kicked off. Fine, I threw my vote behind daughtry – nope he lost too. And Taylor Hicks won??! I can’t support any show that works in this way.

    Also, please excuse my apparent freakish memory for that season of idol. I’m embarassed.

  • Gary

    All-time favorite is Kimberly Locke, of whom I happen to (still) have a severe man-crush. I can’t imagine her being anything but down-to-earth and just doggone nice.

    And yes, I will be archiving the picture of the two of you wonderful ladies.

    ~ g

  • I’m actually dying of jealousness while reading this post! YOU MET ACE YOUNG? You saw Blake Lewis?! He’s one of my top 5 all time fave idol contestants. I kinda stopped watching after their seasons. Kimberly Locke though too?! This fun stuff does NOT happen where I live!

  • HOW FUN! I love that you get these fabulous opportunities. You look great in all the pictures.

    Also, so excited for July in case I hadn’t told you that recently…


  • This is so exciting!

  • I do love American Idol. Something about everyone being up there dreaming big dreams makes my heart happy. :)

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