Oh My Nola.

by katelin on April 14, 2011

New Orleans. How I love you so.

You’ve given the world Harry Connick Jr. ( oh sing to me Harry, especially if it’s Christmastime)


and Mardi Gras.*

Dear NOLA you were also a part of my sophomore and junior year of college spring break adventures and for that I LOVE you. Some of the craziest memories I have are from the hours I spent frolicking around the city drinking hurricanes and taking pictures of street vendors and running through the rain,eating weird sauces and just yes, LOVE.

Anyhoo, I’m praising dear NOLA today because I’m headed to the Mom 2.0 Summit for work (I’ve been the past two years but it’s been in Houston both times and NOLA is just SUCH AN UPGRADE OF EXCITEMENT – no offense, Houston) and I’m just SO EXCITED. It’s one of the best conferences I go to with some of the best people (and blogger friends – Hi Jess! Miss you Allison!) and this time it’s in a fabulous city that I can’t wait to re-explore, woo!


happy thursday!

*yes I know New Orleans is known for more than those three but those are my three favorites and it’s my blog so yes, I share what I want to, haha.

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  • Harry Connick Jr’s Christmas CDs cannot be beat. Seriously, he makes Christmas for me. Have a fantastic time away!

  • That’s awesome! Have fun :)

  • I love that you go to these summits for work. And I’m a little jealous :) I had a great time in NOLA… the food, the drinks, the culture and the people! So much fun. Enjoy and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  • here is where I prove I’m a giant nerd, ha! Did you know that his dad is the district attorney in NOLA? Has been for eons. The Supreme Court just decided a case relating to his office, actually. :)

  • I have been dying to go there FOR YEARS. Have so, so much fun : )

  • Kim

    I’m so so jealous! I’m just jonesing for a trip to NOLA. We had hoped to get there over Memorial Day but it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to make it. Sad face.

    Excited for you though!

  • you girls are going to have a blast!

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