My kind of weekend.

by katelin on April 11, 2011

Oh weekend, you always leave too soon. But per usual you were lovely and you are so very missed already. So a recap shall we? Sure, let’s go!

Friday: Oh what a big day at work. We had to pack up the office and clean up for the big move on Monday. So basically the morning was a little nuts and all sorts of hectic for me. Eventually we all went out to lunch to commemorate our last day in Silver Lake and it was so fun. I had breakfast for lunch and just good times and chats with coworkers I don’t usually get to see and just yes. Once we made it back to work our internet was wonky and we all packed up and called it a bit of an early day, which was so needed and very appreciated.

To celebrate Friday night Matt and I decided to make it a sushi date night. Oh how I love me some good sushi, we even branched out and ordered some rolls we didn’t usually get. And to make the night even more entertaining I realized about fifteen minutes after we were seated at the sushi bar that I was sitting right next to my high school art teacher! Seriously, small world sometimes. We caught up a bit and ironically he had just returned from a trip to Italy and we got to chat about that and just sushi and how life had been for me since I’d graduated (nine freaking years ago, holy crap). After dinner Matt and I hung out for a bit before our friend Gianni came over bearing wine and wafers (excellent combo) and we flipped between the Masters (boring) and the L:akers and the Dodgers and just had all sorts of fun conversation and loverliness.

Saturday: Slept in for a bit (hurrah!) before Matt and I decided to venture to Universal Studios for the afternoon. We went to the animal show and rode the Simpsons ride and took the studio tour (which is the actual best part of the whole place) where we learned some new things and I took some pictures I hadn’t before, like this one of Amity Island, a place I’d never want to visit (ever, ever!) haha:

The rest of the afternoon I spent at home doing some spring cleaning and napping and TV watching and just relaxingly wonderful things. We ordered take out BBQ (pulled pork nachos may the BEST EVER) and lounged which was just so nice. Eventually we met up with my sister and her boyfriend at our local dive bar and had some drinks there (I mean we figured being social with other people would be a good thing as well, haha). Twas a good nigh all around.

Sunday: Slept in again (hurrah times a million) before doing some morning cleaning and Wii dancing. Later in the day I did a couple miles worth of walking with my mom (ohmygodthehalfmarathonisamonthaway!) which was nice, perfect weather and all. The rest of my day was spent doing some more Spring cleaning, giving myself a pedicure, napping and having breakfast for dinner with Matt. My kind of Sunday.


All in all it was a lovely weekend and glad I got to spend so much of it with Matt since the next fiveish weekends are already set in stone with all sorts of plans (nuts I know).

And how was your weekend? Get some cleaning in? Sleeping?


happy monday!

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