A very Nintendo Enthused weekend.

by katelin on April 5, 2011

*warning: long, blogger love, Nintendorific post to follow. also lots of silly pictures and talk of food, you’ve been warned*

Back in January I was lucky enough to try out the Nintendo 3DS in New York and play around the big apple with a few other brand ambassadors and have just a grand ole time. Lucky for me, Nintendo and Brand About Town invited all of their brand ambassadors to Seattle to celebrate the official launch and release of the 3DS and I was able to attend (I mean how could I have said no and missed such a trip!?). Anyhoozits, it was all sorts of fabulous and fun and I wish it wasn’t over and here goes my attempt at recapping it all, woo!

Thursday: After an adventureful flight with Jenn we finally made our way to Seattle airport where we ran into so many of our favorites waiting for the shuttle, it was truly ridiculous and exciting and squeeful (mostly me squeeing over Rachel’s baby Dylan – I mean the cheeks people, so squishy!) The shuttle ride was fun and I got to chat it up with Amy and we decided that we had actually traveled to Forks (seriously the weather was perfect for it, I was expecting Edward at any moment, haha), it was ridiculous and fun and yes.

Before I knew it I was checked into my swanky room with two beds and cleaned up and dressed and ready and went to Doni’s room for a little Girl Talk pre-party/chat. And then we were off to the first night’s cocktail party. And people I swear Nintendo must have had a conversation with my stomach because the food was all of my favorites!! I mean there was artichoke hearts and cheese and prosciutto and pulled pork and ahi and red velvet cake balls for dessert and just yes. Besides the food there was a lot of wine and good times and dancing and Britney Spears and more dancing and silliness and some pictures and yes, it was just lovely.

Jenn, Lacey, Jamie and Michelle – heart these ladies.

the oh so lovely Ev’Yan and I –
oh how I miss my SoCal neighbor.

we master the crazy face, haha.

After the party was the bar party across the street. It was so fun! There were fries and I had cider and more laughs and delightful conversation about life and babies and celebrities and the fabulous Molly stopped by and just yes all around.

Friday: The big DAY! After a delicious breakfast we all loaded on to buses and trekked through the rain and arrived at Nintendo HQ. Now if you remember I got to go to Nintendo HQ last year because I’m addicted (yes present, not past) to Style Savvy and it was fabulous, however now they’re in a whole new building and it’s all sorts of swanky and fabulous and the whole afternoon was amazing.

Basically they started by ushering us all into a big conference room where Nintendo 3DS’s were everywhere and we all starting talking and playing and ohmygoodness it was fun.

Eventually Reggie, the head honcho of Nintendo came in and talked to us and answered questions and ended his spiel by telling us we’d all receive a new 3DS at the end of the day (seriously people it was like Oprah, it was awesome). When Reggie was done we were all split into our groups and went our separate ways. I got to tour the building first (which is so green and pretty and fun) and then made a stop in the gift shop before finally getting my hands on some games! It was so fun!

Nintendo 3DS for the win!
[photo from Lacey’s flickr]

getting in some playtime.
[photo from Doni’s flickr]

After our day of Nintendo there was a mini cocktail reception that was perfect for hanging out with some of my favorite ladies and chatting and drinking and just yay.

Doni and I were dressed the sameish.

the oh so lovely Nora and I.

some of my favorite ladies!
[picture from Lacey]

Eventually we were all split into our dinner groups and I made my way to the Purple Cafe. And friends I almost died a delicious death. I mean Nintendo seriously KNEW MY STOMACH. I mean just look at what I ate:

a cheese plate!

crab cakes!

lobster baked mac and cheese, i die.


So yes a lovely dinner with lovely conversations and new Iphone apps and giggles and just yes. And did I mention the wine display in the restaurant? Amazing!

Once we got back to the hotel there were some goodbyes and some laughs and then the perfect way to end this trip, the jump in the faux forest:

My heart is so happy.

Saturday: Unfortunately my flight was early and my shuttle came even earlier (6:40, eck, that should be illegal!) and I had to bid adieu to Seattle. Once I made it home in the afternoon I decided that lounging at my apartment with a full DVR and popcorn and rootbeer was the way to round out my night, and then I did, haha.

Sunday: Despite all desire to sleep in, I somehow woke up early and watched Face/Off on TV and did some silly errands adn went walking with my mom before having a delicious lasagna dinner at Michaela’s parents’ house and yes. Lovely way to round out a lovely weekend.


Anyhoo a major thanks to Nintendo and Brand About Town and all of my fabulous bloggy buddies for one fabulous whirlwind of a trip and a fabulous experience.


happy tuesday!

*Brand About Town/Nintendo paid for all of my expenses (flight, hotel, food) on this trip but all of the opinions and praise and rambling words are my own.*

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