A Nintendo weekend snippet.

by katelin on April 4, 2011

So I had all these plans to post about my super awesome Nintendorific weekend and then (no and then! I swear it cracks me up every time, what movie?) I just couldn’t do it yet. Seriously it was just so much fun and I can’t really sum it up just yet and I’m tired and I have an episode of The Mentalist to watch still (seriously, obsessed) and yeah. So tomorrow it is, the full awesome recap of the weekend of woo. In the meantime, I’ll share this oh so fabulous pic of me and some of my most favorite ladies jumping into a faux forest in the Hyatt lounge area, haha:

Doni, Lacey, Michelle, Jenn and me being all sorts of silly.


And how was your weekend? Any forest jumping, haha?


happy monday!

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