I should add Traveler to my resume.

by katelin on March 31, 2011

It’s no secret that I LOVE to travel. I mean I really LOVE it. So whenever the opportunity to hop on a plane (or a train or a long car ride) arises I usually jump to take it. With that, I realized the other day that I have so much travel planned this year it made my heart skip a beat in excitement (corny? I don’t care).

And because I know you’re all so curious where this crazy blogger is headed this year I figured I’d share:

January: (yes I know this already passed but still, it’s travel in 2011). North Carolina to visit the BFF and less than a week later a mid week Nintendo adventure to New York City.

February: Stayed local.

March: Today I head to Seattle, Washington for another fabulous Nintendo adventure (hurrah!) with fabulous blogger friends!

April: I’m heading to New Orleans, Louisiana for the annual Mom 2.0 conference for work. Hello Nola adventures with Jess and Allison! Also, a mini trip to Palm Desert, California for Easter, woo.

May: 100 bloggers in Las Vegas. There will be fountain jumps and ginger vodka and if you haven’t signed up yet you should really get on that.

June: I’m flying back to North Carolina to visit the BFF and make the trek with her to good ole Granville, Ohio to visit our beloved alma mater for a fabulous reunion weekend.

July: I guess I can take a month off from being in a plane.

August: Undecided anniversary trip to somewhere fun.

September: Undecided out of state bachelorette party for my friend Zoe.

December: We’re headed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania forĀ  Zoe’s wedding!


That makes a total of SEVEN states in one year (yay!) and funny thing is that I’ve been to all of them before so no checking off states on the life list, oh well.

So any trips planned for you? Are you coming to LA to visit me? I promise lots of wine and cheese and a celebrity sighting (well I can try really hard for the celeb sighting, it also depends on who you classify as a celeb, haha) if you do!


happy weekend all!


*also I realized I pretty much blogged the same thing in October but I was too lazy to write something different and clearly I’m REALLY EXCITED about going places, haha*

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