A Wii Work out.

by katelin on March 16, 2011

For the past seven weeks I’ve somehow managed to wake up at 7am, five days a week and work out with the Wii. Now I was hesitant to share this because the results aren’t showing up on the scale. I can’t say “hey do this work out and you’ll lose weight!” because clearly that is not the case. However, I FEEL BETTER. Waking up an hour earlier than I usually would to work out has actually been refreshing. And the fact that I can do certain workouts without screaming blasphemies and huffing and puffing til near collapse makes me feel GOOD.

Basically I’ve been having a work out love affair with my Wii that I can hide no longer and just have to share, because it’s just that good. So here we go:

Mondays: Wii Fit Day. I start with some yoga to warm up and then move on over to some strength training exercises. Depending on how much time I have I’ll also try to get in an aerobics game as well (either cardio boxing, advanced step or hula hooping). And then when I’m done I reward myself with some balance games (or lately the snowball game, I AM OBSESSED).

Tuesdays: Dance Day! If you haven’t seen my tweets lately, I am quite addicted to Just Dance 2 and Michael Jackson: The Experience so of course I had to incorporate them into my workouts. Basically I play one of the games and pick some of the hardest songs and then dance my little heart out. IT IS SO FUN.

Wednesdays: EA Active Day. I own EA Active as well as EA Active: More Workouts and on Wednesdays I kick my own ass with either one of them. Sometimes I’ll do a full cardio work out, some days I’ll do a more ab focused work out (although I tend to yell at the screen when it doesn’t register my remote and then get frustrated)

Thursdays: Dance Day!

Fridays: EA Active Day.

And at the end of every day’s work out I also do a Body Test on the Wii Fit. I do this sort of a mental check that I worked out and also as a kick in the ass when I see what my weight is. It’s gone up and down and down and then up again and although it drives me nutty it also motivates me, so I keep on trucking.

Also, in the midst of all this working out I’m also trying to walk two to three times a week with my mom, I mean we do have a half marathon to train for (TWO MONTHS AWAY HOLY CRAP).

So yeah, I’m working out and hopefully one day soon there will be actual visible results (like hey those jeans I miss wearing, yeah I want to wear them again), fingers crossed and jumpingĀ  jacks!

So what’s your workout looking like these days? Any recommendations?


happy wednesday!

*Although I am a Nintendo Ambassador they did not in any way ask me to post this. I just love em so much and the Wii is running my life, clearly*

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