A Wii Work out.

by katelin on March 16, 2011

For the past seven weeks I’ve somehow managed to wake up at 7am, five days a week and work out with the Wii. Now I was hesitant to share this because the results aren’t showing up on the scale. I can’t say “hey do this work out and you’ll lose weight!” because clearly that is not the case. However, I FEEL BETTER. Waking up an hour earlier than I usually would to work out has actually been refreshing. And the fact that I can do certain workouts without screaming blasphemies and huffing and puffing til near collapse makes me feel GOOD.

Basically I’ve been having a work out love affair with my Wii that I can hide no longer and just have to share, because it’s just that good. So here we go:

Mondays: Wii Fit Day. I start with some yoga to warm up and then move on over to some strength training exercises. Depending on how much time I have I’ll also try to get in an aerobics game as well (either cardio boxing, advanced step or hula hooping). And then when I’m done I reward myself with some balance games (or lately the snowball game, I AM OBSESSED).

Tuesdays: Dance Day! If you haven’t seen my tweets lately, I am quite addicted to Just Dance 2 and Michael Jackson: The Experience so of course I had to incorporate them into my workouts. Basically I play one of the games and pick some of the hardest songs and then dance my little heart out. IT IS SO FUN.

Wednesdays: EA Active Day. I own EA Active as well as EA Active: More Workouts and on Wednesdays I kick my own ass with either one of them. Sometimes I’ll do a full cardio work out, some days I’ll do a more ab focused work out (although I tend to yell at the screen when it doesn’t register my remote and then get frustrated)

Thursdays: Dance Day!

Fridays: EA Active Day.

And at the end of every day’s work out I also do a Body Test on the Wii Fit. I do this sort of a mental check that I worked out and also as a kick in the ass when I see what my weight is. It’s gone up and down and down and then up again and although it drives me nutty it also motivates me, so I keep on trucking.

Also, in the midst of all this working out I’m also trying to walk two to three times a week with my mom, I mean we do have a half marathon to train for (TWO MONTHS AWAY HOLY CRAP).

So yeah, I’m working out and hopefully one day soon there will be actual visible results (like hey those jeans I miss wearing, yeah I want to wear them again), fingers crossed and jumpingĀ  jacks!

So what’s your workout looking like these days? Any recommendations?


happy wednesday!

*Although I am a Nintendo Ambassador they did not in any way ask me to post this. I just love em so much and the Wii is running my life, clearly*

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  • Hi!

    I’m addicted to the Wii too!!!!!

    It’s so amazing!!!!! :) :)

    I love how you have different activities for every day, I’m definitely going to try that.

    I usually just go with how I’m feeling, but I think I’d do better if I was more focused.

    Keep trucking! Good luck with the marathon!


  • That’s discipline! I was just talking a bout Wii Fit with my cousin – I need to get it for my Wii!

  • i am mad impressed! waking up early to workout is one of the most difficult things, i think. so you get an A+ in my book!

  • You go girl!! Keep up the good work and you WILL see results! It’s important to remember that as you increase your muscle, it is denser than fat, so you may not see big changes in your weight right away, but you’ll probably notice that your clothes fit differently :)

  • I’ve been dying to get a Wii Fit ever since we got our Wii a couple years ago! And part of the reason I want one so badly is because you’re always raving about it :) Living in Boston stinks in the cold weather because I’m often too lazy to even walk to the gym and since I work from home I think a Wii Fit break in the afternoon would be perfect! I just need to convince the fiance there’s room in the budget before the wedding… Perfect way to get into wedding shape!! :) :)

  • I’ve been trying to get into a better routine with my Wii Fit Plus… I think I just need to save up for one of the dance ones. I think having some variety would help me get into the habit.

    My stepmom is actually thinking of getting a Wii Fit and requiring my sisters to do so many minutes per day — to fulfill their gym requirements, since they’re home schooled. This winter they’ve been cooped up, and so she’s appreciated having my Wii Fit Plus to borrow.

  • Meg

    Nice work!! i loved the wii before we got the xbox kinect and now that one is my new baby..no remotes to worry about!!!

    Anyway i was going to say don’t trust the wii scale because i found it to be quite different from my bathroom scale…also i could weigh myself 3 times in 2 minutes and get 3 very different results! don’t let it discourage you! :)

  • I am in awe of you for getting up an hour earlier than usual! I’m a “hit the snooze button multiple times” kind of gal.
    Good work, lady!

  • I’m going to need to get on the Wii Fit bandwagon!!! I’ll just throw lil C in her swing chair and let her watch me rock out. you’ve sold me :)

  • Everybody loves the wii fit that I know. Lets have a dance off at mom2.0

  • Kristine

    Good job Katelin! Keep it up! I was in Chicago last weekend and watched this infomercial at 5am, and after 3 minutes I was hooked. Its the same makers of p90x, but more cardio aerobics. Can’t wait to get it in the mail and start it!

    Who cares what your weight is, as long as you feel fabulous!

  • That is so impressive! I barely manage to wake up early to do my hair in the morning :-P

  • Lindsay

    Good Work Big! I’m impressed with your getting up early.

    I am running half marathon in May as well! How is your training going? Also, I started exercising AND joined weight watchers online and that has really helped the weight come off for me.

    Miss you!

  • Ah, Just Dance. Love it. I got Knight to do it with me recently and it was a) so fun and b) so hilarious. He did this funny jazz hand thing when he danced. Anyway, love working out with the Wii. Sounds like you have a great routine and way to go you on getting up an hour earlier than you normally would. That’s huge!

  • Good job, you! I still haven’t figured out how to wake up early to work out… which means I’ve been squeezing it in after work, which makes for some pretty long days AND no social life, which sucks. What also sucks is that the scale isn’t showing “progress” for me, either. But I feel good, though! I know it’s going to happen eventually, for both of us! I’m keeping track of all of it here: http://big10challenge.tumblr.com. It keeps me accountable.

  • I just started doing something similar two weeks ago! I’ve been waking up early and alternating Wii Fit Plus and dance games (Just Dance 2 and Zumba, mostly, but I do have the Michael Jackson Experience one too). Do you like EA Active more than Wii Fit? I was checking it out at Target the other day, but I wasn’t sure if it’d be worth it. How many fitness video games does one person need?? :)

  • You make me want a Wii – good job nintendo ambassador! I had a brief love affair with DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) when I was house/dog-sitting for a friend a few years ago over the holidays. Anyway… yey for having fun getting fit! I need to start doing some of that! ;)

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