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by katelin on March 15, 2011

Why hello Tuesday, so nice to see you today? Have some goodies for me today do you? Of course you do, you’re Hollywood. So here we go:

Starting off this week’s cuteness we have Sandra Bullock and little baby Louis! Seriously he is just the cutest squishiest little thing, I lurve it.

Also bring all sorts of adorableness we have the Van Der Beek family! Seriously, Dawson is looking good these days and his little family is just precious!

Also bringing the cuteness, Hank Baskett and little Hank Jr. Seriously the hair? Precious! The face? Adorable. And the daddy and son duo is just all sorts of yay.

In other Hollywood news, Mary Stuart Masterson (aka Idgy – name that movie!) is pregnant with twins, congrats!…also pregnant, Ryan Phillipe’s ex-girlfriend, yeah that’s not awkward at all….the Beckhams are having a little girl! I swear that kid is going to be born with a bob and wearing heels…and in non-bebe news: Charlie Sheen. Wait maybe that does go under baby news because he is a big fat baby! AND HE NEEDS TO GO AWAY. With that, I am banning that two bit crazypants crackhead from the blog, adios…moving on, Jewel was in a ridiculous car accident and luckily she (and her unborn baby) were alright…Gilbert Godfrey will no longer be the voice of Aflac, he was fired for making unfunny and insensitive comments about Japan, truly a class act…and Emma Watson is the new face of Lancome. Seriously she is one busy lady and most definitely adorable and chic all wrapped into one.

In some favoriteness
There’s a new Michael Jackson song out called  “Hollywood Tonight” and I am quite a fan. The video is a bit cheesy but hey, what can you expect?

Kate and Leo. I heart them almost as much as Sandy and Keanu. In a new interview Kate said that Leo is her rock. I mean my heart just melts. Leo was there for her during her divorce and they’re still close friends and seriously I melt.

Also, Kate is rocking a new platinum pixie cut and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mean of course it’s cute, she can do no wrong in my eyes but I miss the brown and the red, seriously heart her.

In today’s Twilightness…
Kellan Lutz celebrate the big 2-6 this weekend in Vegas. And apparently the Alfalfa look is coming back? Or should I say fourth grade class picture with the part down the middle and a sweater on? Either way he’s dressing more like age 6 than 26, haha. Nonetheless, happy birthday Kellan!

In TV news…
GLEE. Sex. That about sums up last week right? Also, “Afternoon Delight”? Greatest ever. Especially since it’s about dessert and all.

Big Bang Theory. What card am I holding? Oh my goodness I was laughing way too hard watching Thursday’s episode. Frustrating Sheldon will never get boring to me. Bazinga!

Top Model. Oh Ty Ty. First of all, she’s taking over the world, going to business school at Harvard and starting a new site, the woman is insane. As for last week’s episode? Eh. I’m still not all that excited about this season and none of the makeovers were thaaaaat crazy, but hey. Maybe this week will be good.

Lastly in today’s WTF news we have penguins on a plane! For once the WTFness makes me laugh and not cringe at the ridiculousness. Instead this story is just cute, penguins roaming a plane. Literally.



happy tuesday!

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