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by katelin on March 14, 2011

This past week was slightly ridiculous. Like stressful and dramaful and all sorts of ridiculous. So this weekend I decided to be as lazy as I possibly could. And I’m pretty sure I succeeded. Anyhoo, the weekend went a little something like this:

Friday: Met Matt at our friends’ parents house for dinner. Had a fabulous Italian meal with Gianni and Laura and the family. Lots of laughs and catching up and good times and wine and yay. After dinner we did a Coldstone run and seriously, ice cream? Freaking YES. Eventually called it an earlyish night and win all around.

Saturday: Woke up earlyish and was so domestic by going to Bed, Bath & Beyond and getting such householdy things. Then I came home, cleaned up and did more domestic thingies. In the evening my aunt and uncle had a BBQ which was so fun, I felt like I hadn’t seen my whole family since Christmas. And even more exciting my cousin showed up with her baby (who I had yet to meet) and my ovaries exploded, haha. But really, the cuteness? Fabulous. And my family? Adore them.

The night was fun and chatty and fabulous and yes. Wonderousness.

Sunday: Woke up earlyish and lazed about for a bit. Eventually decided today would be the day to finally make those red velvet pancakes. My aunt gave me some mix for Valentine’s Day and I had been dying to try it!

hello Instagram goodness.

Twas a delicious start to the day, I mean it was red velvet, how could I have gone wrong??

Post breakfast I spent the morning finishing my book and then dozing in and out of sleep (exciting I know). Eventually it was time for Matt and I to head to his mom’s house for dinner and we took a scenic route in Matt’s jeep with the top down (oh springtime weather I truly do adore you). Dinner was lovely with Matt’s mom and his brothers and my sister-in-law to be. We drank wine and had birthday cake (a belated celebration) and laughed and talked and chatted and just yes, loverly. The rest of the night was spent with Matt, some wine and Jurassic Park. Basically a stellar way to end a stellar weekend.

And how was your weekend? Anything red and velvety in the mix?


happy monday!

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  • Oooo, I want some of those pancakes! Yum!

    And I too had an emergency ice cream run Friday night, but it consisted of WinCo and a 5 Gallon tub of mint chocolate chip. Then Saturday we had Red Velvet cake for my mom’s birthday! Are you my twin!?!

  • Oo, red velvet pancakes? that’s pretty awesome.
    My weekend was spent with my brother + knight in my old college town (aka where my brother currently goes to school), drinking too much, enjoying some of the best pizza ever, and taking a few too many naps (seriously, I took two on Saturday and one yesterday. Granted I have a stupid , nagging cold, but still!). This weekend looks to be just as lazy and I can’t wait :)

  • Sounds like a fantastic weekend to me! I love lazy weekends & those pancakes look yuuuummmmyyyyy :) My weekend wasn’t very interesting unfortunately, but I was lucky enough to hang out with some good friends and start planning a trip this summer… wooo hooo!

  • I’m sorry your week was so rough but it sounds like your weekend more than made up for it :)

  • Yummy! I made red velvet cupcakes the other week and they were delicious! Pancakes sound better though for some reason. I’m glad you had an awesome weekend!

  • What did you serve with the pancakes? They look delish!!

  • Those pancakes are GENIUS! They sound so goooood. I want to try making some now!

  • I need to try those pancakes. My love for Red Velvet knows no bounds.

  • Those pancakes sound fantastic! I think I need for red velvet in my life, for sure.

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