Things that should exist already.

In my commute to work every day I think about weird things. I mean who doesn’t? When I’m not singing and dancing like an American Idol wanabe I’m contemplating really obscure things. And the most recent of obscure things: Things that should already exist aka things that would make my life (and everyone else’s) magical and should probably be invented asap. Anyhoo, here we go:

  • Cars that park themselves (and aren’t uber expensive), because really who likes to park? I know I freaking don’t.
  • Heck how about flying cars? Yeah that’d be better. I mean the Jetsons made it work, why can’t we?
  • Teleportation.
  • Vitamins that aren’t impossible to swallow (I’m looking at you Centrum daily).
  • Models that look like me.
  • Mac and cheese that’s good for you (not counting this one that has cauliflower which clearly gives it healthy points, haha).
  • Pajama pants that don’t shrink after one wash.


And what do you think should exist already?


happy weekend!