Laziful relaxingful weekend.

by katelin on March 7, 2011

This past weekend was exactly what the doctor ordered. A whole lot of relaxing nothingness. So basically what I’m saying is that this is going to be a fairly quick post, so here we go.

Friday: After work Matt and I hung out for a bit, had some dinner and eventually he went to hang out with a friend. I opted to stay home and catch up on some of the DVR and finish my book (so good!) and play some Michael Jackson: The Experience (I have a whole post about this game coming up, I LOVE IT). Pretty much, my kind of night.

Saturday: Woke up early and got a walk in with my mom, did a little bit of shopping at H&M (that place sucks me in every time) and thank goodness for gift cards! The rest of my day was spent lounging and napping and Wii playing and yes. That night my sister came over and the three of us played all sorts of Wii games (Mario Party, Wii Party and Family Game Night 3 to be exact) and drank wine and laughed and had dinner and it was loverly, simply loverly.

Sunday: Slept in a bit before lounging the afternoon away reading and Wii playing and more reading and yes, loverly. Eventually Matt and I got all dolled up and headed to his best friend’s dad’s wedding. It was interesting. A second wedding for both and a lovely (and long) church wedding. And apparently I can’t act like an adult in church because Matt and I were cracking up almost the whole time, haha. Anyhoo after the wedding I made sure to snag a picture only because Matt was wearing his Patrick Jane (swooon) suit and I had makeup on (shocker, I know! And then go figure, I wore my sunglasses, haha):

After the wedding we went to a little post wedding shindig and hung out for a bit. Eventually Matt and I headed home, had some dinner and plopped down for another lazy evening. And you know what? It was fabulous. It’s just so nice to be so lazy and take a break every once and a while, I most thoroughly enjoyed it.

And how was your weekend? Enjoy some laziness as well I hope?


happy monday!

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  • I love those kinds of weekends every once in a while! I totally did the same thing yesterday- Movies & reading and just a whole lot of nothingness :)

  • Everyone definitely needs those weekends once in awhile. I have one coming up this month and I don’t plan on leaving the house unless absolutely necessary :)

  • H&M, michael jackson, mario party, cute wedding photos…what a perfect weekend. love your dress, girl!

  • DUDE! I just now realized I needed to resubscribe! This whole time I was wondering why you weren’t posting! And I JUST read about the whole Keanu thing! Soooo happy for you! I literally squealed when I read your post :)

  • Aww glad you had a nice quiet weekend. You both look great! I love that dress.

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