You’re Killing me Hollywood!

by katelin on February 23, 2011

So apparently Hollywood Wednesday is the new Hollywood Tuesday and yeah it happens. Anyhoozits Hollywood is busy as always so here we go:

  • Starting out this week’s cuteness we have the oh so adorable Valentina and her mom Salma out for a stroll in Spain. Seriously when did Valentina get so big!? And so adorable??
  • Also bringing some major cuteness is Mark Wahlberg and his sons at the All-Star game. I mean seriously how cute are the boys’ expressions? So intrigued by the game and so is dad and just the cuteness, I love it!
  • In other celeb news, Jessica Alba is expecting her second baby, congrats to her and big sister Honor, woo!…Jennifer Aniston chopped her hair a bit and apparently that’s news…apparently a guy named Paz snuck into Paris Hilton’s birthday party and walked out with her birthday cake, not only that he documented it and then donated it to a homeless shelter, love it!…and lastly, remember The Sandlot (of course you do, who doesn’t LOVE this movie) and remember Porter and YaYa? Well let’s take a look at them now shall we?
  • In some favoriteness…
    SAM WORTHINGTON (I mean yeah his name deserves caps every once and a while) is in a new movie and the trailer is out and I can’t really tell if I’ll like it or not but chances are I’ll see it because it’s got SAM and his ACCENT and swoooonface. And just watch the Last Night trailer already.

    In other faveness, Craig David was at the Never Say Never London premiere. As in Justin Bieber’s new movie. As in what? And then I saw this video and saw how the Biebs is a legit Craig David fan and then he sort of won me over because anyone that likes Craig David is a fan of mine (sort of).

    Also, we’ve got a Leo sighting on the set of his new movie as J. Edgar Hoover and seriously he is one dapper man.

  • And in today’s Twilight news…
    Or should I just say Rob Pattinson news (er video) really. But a super adorable video of Rob and Reese on set of Water For Elephants (which is only a month and a half away, yay!) chatting it up and talking about each other is just yay. So yes, check it out and enjoy the cuteness.
    Also in actual Twinews, the whole crew has arrived in Vancouver to continue filming Breaking Dawn and oh man, that movie, oh man.
  • In other movie news…
    The Oscar’s are this Sunday!! The Oscar’s! My favorite day in Hollywood! Yay! Hurrah! Wahoo!
  • In TV news…
    Glee. So I’m a week behind but the Biebs? I didn’t hate it. Also, is it just me or does Chord Overstreet look like what Macualay Culkin should have grown up to be?

    How I Met Your Mother. HOW IS ZOEY NOT THE MOTHER!?! I mean yeah I don’t love her, but come on already!! Also, Barney and Nora? Yes please! And I love how Lily is such a horndog, it’s hilarious.

    Grey’s. Did I mention that there’s a musical episode coming soon? And did I mention that I’m skeptical about this? Because I am. I mean I love musicals and all but not so sure I need Dr. McSteamy singing to his unborn baby or something trippy like that.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have a woman that was saved by a pizza delivery woman. I don’t know what’s crazier, the fact that the injured woman ordered a large pizza every single day or the fact that the pizza person noticed and almost lost her job going to check on her and turned out she fell and couldn’t get up (there’s a really bad joke in there somewhere).

So anything I missed? Let me know!

happy wednesday!

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  • I’m so excited about the Water for Elephants movie, that little interview was super cute! Also, helloooo Leo!

  • Hahaha I had the biggest crush on YaYa when I was a kid (I have no idea why…). What a trip seeing him all grown up!

    Also, Leo is to me what Keanu is to you…. ohhhh Leo, lookin’ good!

  • The WTF story is actually rather sweet in an odd way. I love it. And Leo, doesn’t he get the best roles and always look fantastic? I swear, the man doesn’t age.

  • your hollywood posts KILL ME! it’s my fave.

    um…YAYA…seriously?? he looks sooooo grown up. that’s just wild. i love!

    leo is just so hot. i watched the titantic the other night and swooned like i was 13 all over again.

  • Jen

    Yes! How is Zoe not the mom?! We didn’t talk about HIMYM today, but clearly we should have because I totally agree.

  • Ohhh, you’re sooo right about Overstreet looking like a grown up Culkin!! Soo funny!
    I love your Hollywood segments – can’t wait for your Oscar post!

  • i freaking love the sandlot! “you’re killing me smalls.”

  • OH my gosh Mark Wahlberg is SO CUTE with his kids! SO adorable. Did you hear Leo is going to be in a movie about Wall Street in the 90s? I can’t wait to see pics from that.

  • I know I’m super late to this, but I must comment on the musical Grey’s.

    I don’t care about any of them but Sara Ramirez. She was the original Lady of the Lake in Spamalot and I can’t wait to hear her! Also I bet that Bailey’s got a voice. Wait, didn’t she sing to her son in one episode, I think we already know she’s got a voice!

    I’m stoked.

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