It’s a people thing.

Brace yourselves kids, I’m getting a little serious here.

Now that I’ve finally settled down from the Keanu hoopla I wanted to address an article I heard about earlier this week. It all started with Whoopi. Long story short, a NY Times article listed all of the black Oscar winners and left her off the list and understandably she was hurt, it’s a big honor that always deserves recognition. However that’s not what got to me.

What got to me was the rest of the article. It basically says that Hollywood is backtracking and is whitewashed and only a few black actors have won awards for acting and that Hollywood scripts don’t involve enough of black life and so on. Now my first reaction should have been “oh yes, I agree, it always seems to backtrack. There definitely is a lackluster amount of black people that are dominant in Hollywood” (which I do think is true). However, my initial reaction was more along the lines of “why is it always a black and white thing?”

I mean look at it. No one ever mentions the lack of Armenian people in Hollywood or how Slumdog Millionaire was the first time in a long time that any Indian people were even present at the Academy Awards or how there are no  popular Asian directors besides John Woo? No, it’s always a “lack of African Americans in Hollywood” or “there’s no real presence of black culture in Hollywood.”

And why is that? Really, why?

It’s not just a black and white thing, it’s a people thing. It’s a yes there is a lack of recognition of black actors in Hollywood but there’s also a lack of Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Mexicans, Brazilians, Greek, Armenians, Native Americans and every other race in between.

So writers, critics, movie goers, Hollywood in general, let’s stop making this always a black and white thing and focus on the real issue here: It’s a people thing and everyone deserves an opportunity and recognition. So let’s make this happen. And preferably in my lifetime please.

/end rant.

happy thursday!