The Full Keanu Story.

by katelin on February 15, 2011

Okay now that I’ve caught my breath, recovered from constantly saying “ohmygod I met Keanu Reeves” and somewhat retrieved my sanity I figured I could share the whole Keanu story. So here we go:

On Thursday I saw on Twitter that Keanu would be signing his book at the LACMA on Sunday. And then I proceeded to tweet, squeal and melt all within thirty seconds. And then I told Matt that I HAD TO GO (and he was coming with me).

So on Sunday, we trekked out of the house a bit early and parked at the LACMA. We got there around one and the signing didn’t start until four (I had to be prepared people!). So we scouted the place out and then headed over to the Petersen Auto Museum. It worked out perfectly. We got to satisfy Matt by looking at some awesome cars for a bit before I subjected him to an afternoon of Keanu.

I left a bit early and got in line about two thirty and THANK GOODNESS I did because there was already a small line. While I waited I made friends with the people in front of me and within five minutes they knew I was a HUGE KEANU fan. I felt a little awkward since they were there for the artist as well and I could barely remember her name, but ce la vie.

So, waiting in line. And more waiting. And then they let us buy the book. So the book, something like this: Keanu wrote a poem and an artist, Alexandra Grant, created artwork per stanza. It’s a silly little book called Ode to Happiness that is just um, I don’t know how to describe it really. But here’s a picture of the hardcover:

And the first page of the book:

And then the second:

It’s basically like that. Words, pictures, ironic words, it’s funny and yeah, Keanu is a funny guy.

So after we got the book it was getting closer to start time and my stomach was knotting and I was rambling and Matt was just laughing to himself.

And then, ta da! Four o clock and the doors open and we walked right in to take a seat and OHMYGOD KEANU IS RIGHT THERE. Yeah Keanu and Alexandra were already sitting at the table up front and we took a seat THREE ROWS AWAY FROM THEM. THREE ROWS PEOPLE. I was so close!!!

And then after everyone that could fit was seated the chat began. Keanu read the book (so funny) and then we all chimed in on the last page. And then Keanu and Alexandra chatted about the process of the book and what started it all and working together and future prospects and SWOON and MELT and KEANU IS RIGHT THERE and yes.

The chat didn’t go very long because there was a huge line of people at this point waiting for the book to be signed so they wrapped it up and said come on up to get your book signed.

And then I died again, haha.

Keanu signing my book, eeeeeee.

I can’t stop smiling!!

I got in line and eventually it was my turn and Alexandra signed my book and then it was Keanu and I was dying. And then I somehow managed to squeak out “HI KEANU I’M A HUGE FAN, CAN I PLEASE SHAKE YOUR HAND BECAUSE I’D LIKE TO OFFICIALLY MEET YOU!?!” and then he sort of chuckled and said of course and stuck out his hand and we shook hands and said “nice to meet you” and then I said “thanks, it was great to meet you, BYE” and then I turned around and this picture was taken:

Me and Keanu, ah joy.

oooh check that out. weeeeeee!

And then I melted and everyone around me (Matt included) was asking if I was going to make it (jokingly/seriously) and laughing at my ridiculousness and then I melted again and I squeeeeeed and OHMYGOD I MET KEANU REEVES.

And breathe.

And that’s the story.


And I’ve officially met my entire top five list. LIFE WIN.

happy tuesday!

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  • ria

    that is so exciting and geez what an accomplishment! you better start working on the next five list :)

  • katy

    great story! I also got to see the man himself *faints* at the toronto film festival when I went to see henry’s crime at the premiere…my friend who went with me always jokes about how crazy (in a good way) I was lol. God is he gorgeous in person. Did he write your name in the book at the top? If so he has really cool handwriting!

  • I am so happy for you!!! Kisses.

    ** I am from Brazil.

  • HAHA That’s so cute :)

    Were your hands sweaty?!

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  • Zoe

    I can’t belive you met your top 5! I want your life!!

  • :D WOOOOOO!!!!! Wish he looked UP for the photo. :)

  • Piper Ellie

    I saw you shake his hand hehehe! Your face was ear to ear smiles! It was cute! I thought I saw someone get a picture of it. If I see it posted anywhere I will bring it over. Congratulations it was a good day wasn’t it?

  • That’s all so awesome. I love this story :) So happy and excited for you. I don’t even know if I could squeak out those words like you did but again, so happy for you!

  • Joshua Jackson, Twilight and him!

    Way to go!

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  • San

    This seriously is SO AWESOME and I am so happy for you!!

    P.S. And why wasn’t Jordan Knight – who you also met – not on your Top Ten List at least, let alone Top Five?
    You could have said I met my Top Six ;)

  • TC

    Best. Story. Ever.

    Also, I’m insanely jealous

  • oh em gee!

    he looks cute in his little cap and scruff.

    you know i love you…and i’m happy you met your top five…but i also hope you understand my ridiculous and endless amount of jealousy i have towards you. ehhh…JOSHUA, RYAN, EDWARD CULLEN, DEREK MORGAN?? the nerveeeeeeee!


  • Joanna

    Hey I was there too! I was the girl with the curly brown hair and blue top. I saw your boyfrined lookin in line like we were all crazy! haha I was two rows behind u guys when we got in! I was also the last person in to enter the line inside round 2:45 cuz then they made u go outside. I was lucky. I am also one of his biggest fans! The first thing i ever saw was an 80s movie with him and Lindsay Wagner called Young Again when i was like 4 and already i had a crush! haha

    Anyway, i told him i was an actor as well and if he had any advice and he said “Perseverence!” he shook my hand and then later i waited to try and take a pic with him. i had too I was like it’s now or never. I asked him and he said sure! it’s now of course my facebook pic. i still can’t believe it. I put my arm round him too. heeheee I just moved here a few months ago and i still can’t believe i got to meet him so soon. One of the best moments of my life ever!

  • SO CUTE. I love that photo of you right after, you look SO HAPPY. And, way to go on the planning. Make me so proud ;)

  • OMG!? That’s amazing! I need to move to where you live because you get to meet all the celebs and I NEVER MEET ANY besides musicians.. which is cool BUT YOU MET KEANU AND JOSHUA JACKSON? which I just read. Sorry now I’m rambling on your blog. I’m jealous.

  • Myriam

    OH MY GOD!!! You are luck girl! handshake of Keanu Reeves.. It’s amazing.. You must have very exciting.
    I lovely take Keanu’s hand or better be face to face with him I think that dreaming.
    Nice photos Katelin, congrats 4 u.
    PS: I’m follow you in twitter and I would like that You could follow me too.

  • Myriam

    My twitter is @Myli and I’m from Brasil

  • nahlia

    to Joanna: and what’s your FB name?? wanna see the pic:-))

  • AMAZING. I super heart this.

  • Keanu is one of my favorite actors, too. I am jealous…Constantine is his best movie ever !

  • Oooh, lucky you meeting Keanu,
    Isn’t he gorgoeus in person?
    So sweet and humble when you talk to him, but like you I’ve stuttered and stumbled when trying to speak to him,

  • madamebagel

    He looks quite sleepy and as tramp with his beard and hood, but he’s cute and his poetry book is fun about shower, because I doubt he has bath often:]] I like it and he’s valuable person. I hope you had nice afternoon.

  • Adalat

    Perfectly!I congratulate on the first meeting with our hero Keanu. Will carry also we will meet it)

  • Adalat

    Perfectly. I congratulate on the first meeting with our hero. Will carry also we will meet it.

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  • Yas

    It’s totally amazing! Girl, I so happy for you!
    I’m fan of Mrs. Reeves since I was 10 years-old. Feel the drama! lol
    This all must have been a great thrill! You seem to be a good person, I hope moments like this happen again!
    Good luck!
    Yas from Brazil.

  • to shy -shy

    I have also met him. He’s a lovely man. Lucky for me he wasnt doing official work when we met and he gave me one of the most memorable hugs I have ever had. Even better I got to stand there with our arms around each other while his friend figured out my camera. K kept telling me to stop shaking, he wasnt going to bite me and no need to be as embarrassed as I was – we both were blushing tho- his friends made fun of us blushing and all I could say was I am just really embarrassed that I am doing this – LOL. I thanked him and his mates for being patient with me interrupting them. (I also took pics for some girls I didnt know – and had done their pics before mine. He thought they were my friends and that they were leaving me when it was just the two of us. When I explain, no they were too afraid to ask you for a photo so I said I’ll do it! I had to tell him he wasnt at a funeral (long before he had been to so many) and to smile for their picture. He smiled for mine tho hahaha and hugged me where he didnt hug anyone else ;)

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