Beer Maid? I think not.

So. Here’s the deal. I detest beer. Like truly detest, cannot stand the taste/smell/after taste of any of it. It truly is just blech.

I mean yeah, back in college I played beer pong with everyone else and somehow managed to down Natty Light without convulsing (usually I was already drunk) and yeah I tried a Blue Moon here and a Pacifico there, but I would never do it again.

And as I’ve matured and developed a love for red wine and a tolerance to coffee I was hoping I’d adapt to beer as well. But alas, no. Not even freaking close. I’ve taken sips of “oh you just have to try this beer!” and “it’s chocolatey, you’ve got to like it” and “just chug it and you’ll like it” to no avail, rather just a disgusted look on my face and a bitter taste in my throat.

I just can’t drink beer. I can’t. It’s gross.

And I just have to come to terms with the fact that I’ll be the girl drinking wine (or a fruity drink of some sort) when everyone else is throwing back cold ones or sharing pitchers or enjoying a happy hour two for one of some sort.

But that’s okay I suppose, I know I’m not alone out there right? Someone else has to detest beer as much as I do right?

happy thursday!