Beer Maid? I think not.

by katelin on February 10, 2011

So. Here’s the deal. I detest beer. Like truly detest, cannot stand the taste/smell/after taste of any of it. It truly is just blech.

I mean yeah, back in college I played beer pong with everyone else and somehow managed to down Natty Light without convulsing (usually I was already drunk) and yeah I tried a Blue Moon here and a Pacifico there, but I would never do it again.

And as I’ve matured and developed a love for red wine and a tolerance to coffee I was hoping I’d adapt to beer as well. But alas, no. Not even freaking close. I’ve taken sips of “oh you just have to try this beer!” and “it’s chocolatey, you’ve got to like it” and “just chug it and you’ll like it” to no avail, rather just a disgusted look on my face and a bitter taste in my throat.

I just can’t drink beer. I can’t. It’s gross.

And I just have to come to terms with the fact that I’ll be the girl drinking wine (or a fruity drink of some sort) when everyone else is throwing back cold ones or sharing pitchers or enjoying a happy hour two for one of some sort.

But that’s okay I suppose, I know I’m not alone out there right? Someone else has to detest beer as much as I do right?

happy thursday!

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  • Amy — Just A Titch

    I went on a mission to try a billion types of beer last year and I still HATE BEER. Barf.

  • San

    I come from the land of beer and can't stand it! How's that for an answer?! ;)

  • Alyssa

    Nope, I love beer! Haha. I usually don't like the non-craft beers, liiiike corona, bud light, etc…they are grosssss. I actually prefer it over wine {gasp!} and mixed drinks…ok maybe minus a good margarita on the rocks :)

  • Abby

    I hate beer, too. I've tried it and can't do it. It's just gross.

  • Zaraya

    No, I like my Coronas here and there. Especially cold. But it is an acquired taste. Like Sushi…but I'd take wine any day over a beer…fruity drinks are just as good, also. No worries…

  • Jennifer

    I am right there with you. I hate all kinds of beer. And I've heard the "BUT IT'S CHOCOLATE BEER" too. And I tried it. And I hated it. Here's to the Cran-vodkas and malibu pineapples we'll be consuming in Vegas!

  • suki

    beer or wine or girly drinks, i love 'em all. ;) well, not ALL beers and definitely not ALL's good to have different tastes – more beer for me!

  • samanthaholiday

    I love beer. If you like fruity drinks, you should maybe start with Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss, or a fruit-infused beer. Also, if you like spicy food like hot wings, you can learn to love beer. It makes it taste good and it's how I learned to love beer. :)

  • samanthaholiday

    Also, for the record, wheat beers like Blue Moon are pretty nasty. I don't know what the hype is all about. You're definitely spot on with hating that one!

  • Katherine

    Me! I hate beer! Like, one guy I dated somehow tasted like beer if he had even just a sip. That didn't last long. I'm also not a fan of coffee or wine. I'm working on the wine thing, but coffee I'm really ok with not liking. I will join you in Vegas for lovely cocktails!

  • Laura Cox

    Corona with a slice of lime mmmm :)But I've got to say I love wine and coffee more.xxx

  • Jane

    I'm with you on this one. I have never, ever liked it. Can't stand the taste. Don't like coffee either for that matter. Doesn't matter how much I smell it, I don't like it. Don't ask me to 'just try it' – I'm an adult, I know I don't like it thanks!! I'll be with you in the corner drinking the wine or fruity stuff – every tried Midori and lemonade? Lovely….


    Man, so sorry to hear that you hate beer. Be patient, there are so many kinds of beers out there. If you can aquire a taste for coffee you can for beers too. Maybe pale ales are too hoppy (I hate those); budwiser/nati are too weak; Corona is barf… keep giving craft beers a shot, I promise you'll find one you like. Coffee is awesome too- try a good espresso or french press coffee where you retain the oil of the coffee (never use a paper filter!) It's all about patience! Peace out – DStrong

  • Anonymous

    I have a friend that hated beer, until we were in Mexico for my wedding. She tried Sol beer and loved it! It's still her favorite, but she'll now try others.


    I realized I sounded preachy before without really making a point, but I just thought of two analogies: saying you don't like beer after drinking a Corona is like saying (1) you don't like music because you disdain country songs; and (2) I wrote off shoes because I didn't enjoy wearing stilettos ('cause I'm a dude). word?

  • Rachel

    OK I tried posting a comment once and I don't think it worked… some silly blogger error. Anyways!You are NOT alone! My BF hates beer. He really doesn't drink at all (never in his 35 years has he ever, really). But I LOVE beer. And he'll "try" and taste it. But usually it looks like he took a sip of nasty cough syrup. :P

  • EP

    I was a beer hater for a long time, but once I found a beer I loved? It was magic. Granted, I have a few friends who will not drink beer ever and prefer hard liquor. … To each her own, right?

  • The Modern Gal

    It's definitely an acquired taste, and there's so many different basic kinds of beer, you kind of have to figure out which one works best for you. I am definitely a beer fan, but I got started early on it, and it took me a while to discover I like medium brown beers with a touch of flavor (like honey or pumpkin).But, everyone has their own tastes. I've gotten to where I never drink liquor anymore. I used to, but I've lost my taste for it the more into beer and wine I've gotten.

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  • Nora

    I had to laugh out loud at the Natty Light thing because, well, that was me in college too. I will drink a few certain kinds of beer IF and ONLY IF they are really cold (read: bud light lime, corona light). Otherwise, no thank you. I'm a wine girl. Or vodka cranberry girl!

  • Hollywood Sucker

    Hmm sorry I don't know I love it! I wish I could drink light beer but I like the heavy (read: fattening) stuff. Maybe you're dodging a bullet.

  • doniree

    HAHAHAHA at "just chug it and you'll like it." I like beer, but will still mostly prefer wine and whiskey (or scotch. or bourbon) over beer.

  • Belle Renee

    I LOVE BEER. That's all. :-)

  • Vanessa

    Omg I hate beer too! Can't stand the smell either. I'm usually the girl who will get the fruity lookin' drink. No shame :).

  • Alison

    ohh, natty's in the halls of Sawyer. gag. as I have matured (and since I have been able to buy my own beer), I have acquired a taste for the classier kinds. and refused to see a natty in my sunset apartment.

  • Jessica (Bayjb)

    I have to say, I hated beer for a long time too. Then something happened and I've started to like it more. But wine is always my first love

  • Beer was once gross but now it’s sometimes yummy and refreshing (especially with spicy food) but it still makes me gassy. That is my beer story.

  • You know, I don’t really love it, either. I mean, some of it tastes lovely, but I hate the way it makes me feel, which is just warm, bloaty, and like I need to pee every 6 minutes. I occasionally go to festivals or get samplers where I can taste a couple ounces of beers, but I never want to drink a whole bottle. Sorry! But, yeah, pass the wine.

  • i’m a beer drinker. holllla.

    but i’m with you on blue moon. i’d never drink that stuff again. ick.

    what’s your bar drink of choice?

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