Think. Thought. Thunk?

by katelin on February 3, 2011

So it’s been one of those days. Er weeks? Er couples of days? Whatever. Nonetheless here comes today’s thoughts.

Things that are incredibly lame:
My car is still in the freaking shop. Monday turned into Wednesday which has hopefully turned into today being able to pick it up. I ended up having to get a rental on my own dime because Matt and my dad could only chauffeur me to work and back so many times. And ugh, why isn’t teleportation an option yet???
Things that make me irrationally happy:
Skyping with my BFF Jen just so we could watch a bit of Toddler and Tiaras together and laugh about it.
Watching Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightley version) and swooning like crazy at the sunrise scene, I mean can you top that?
Getting Showtime for free for six months and discovering that Dexter season 5 is on demand! (goodbye free time, time to catch up with my favorite serial killer!).
Playing Just Dance 2 (or the Michael Jackson Experience) game on the Wii with Matt. I mean seriously, just imagine my husband (seriously, he’s my husband! and nope, not used to saying it yet, haha) dancing to Wham’s “Wake Me Up (Before you Go)” or “Rock with You” and you’ll laugh too. Best part is that Matt has beat me at almost every song (except “I Want you Back”, I rule at that song!), apparently he’s got more rhythm than me, haha.
So anything making you irrationally happy today?
happy thursday!
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  • Zaraya

    Watching Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family and then turning the channel to watch Gossip Girls on WB11…ahhh the good times…oh yeah, while attempting to eat Kettle Corn (but I get too excited to ever finish the whole bag alone)…thats what makes me irrationally happy :)

  • ~she~

    Homemade cinnamon rolls! Wowzers!

  • The Modern Gal

    I love Michael Jackson Experience! So much fun.I love looking at the pretty bouquet of flowers the Modern Love Machine brought home last time he went grocery shopping.

  • Vanessa

    LOVE Pride and Prejudice! And that's my favorite scene :) I really need to join the Just Dance 2 bandwagon.

  • Maggie

    I love that movie! Curling up with a good book makes me irrationally happy too :)

  • Jessica (Bayjb)

    Aww I'm so sorry to hear about the car. Hope that gets resolved soon! And I love the idea of skyping to watch shows, such a great idea

  • amanda

    i have never in my life seen the pride and prejudice with kiera! i need to do that. i feel so behind on times. ickk.bummer on the car. transportation issues are like the worst thing! i am so all about teleportation. when you figure that out-let me know. pleaseeeeeeeeee.

  • runshanbun

    Animals put a smile on my face and can bring me from foul mood to quiet as a kitten :)Sorry to hear about the car Kate. And with a little shameless self-promotion…come check out my blog I started. Kinda new to this but thought it would be fun!!!

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