Hollywood Lite.

by katelin on February 2, 2011

So. Hollywood. Stuff happens. And sometimes I talk about it. Today is a lite version because I just couldn’t keep up. So I bring you my favoriteishness Hollywood biz. And go.

  • Starting the cuteness we have the oh so adorable mommy and son duo of Gwen Stefani and little Kingston riding a sled in Mammoth. I mean adorable right?

    the cute.

  • In other Hollywood news…Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman are engaged! (and have been since Decemeber and apparently I missed that one) however they aren’t planning on getting married until everyone can, gotta admire that…and Diane Kruger also isn’t planning on getting married again either (but her and Josh are so damn cute!)…also cute? if UP were made in live action and in the 60s…and Vanity Fair released their Hollywood issue pictures and basically guys should wear suits all the time, don’t you agree?

    hello hawtness

  • In some favoriteness….
  • In Twilightness….
    Ashley Green is next month’s Teen Vogue covergirl. I mean it’s sort of ridiculous how she can be cute Alice, cute Ashley girl-next-door as well as hot Maxim wha bam. Seriously Ashley, how do you do it?

  • In movie news…
    The SAG awards were over the weekend and suprisingly I didn’t really watch. And the two seconds I did watch, Christian Bale was accepting his speech and he didn’t look like Jesus! Hooray (Hallelujah?). Anyhoo Jess did a great fashion post and Eggy just did a great run down of the show, so check them out.
  • In TV news…
    How I Met Your Mother. Well we’re not meeting the mother any time soon it looks like, but Barney is getting a dad. I won’t spoil it, but click on through because his dad is a pretty big name.
  • And lastly in WTFness we have Andy Hill who, although good intentioned, tries to sell cats like used cars and it’s just WEIRD.

So anything big I missed?

happy wednesday!
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  • AshleyD

    Oh my goodness, Gwen and Kingston just made me want to have a little boy so that I can go sledding with him. How adorable!

  • Blicious

    great post! love gwen!!xoxob

  • Vanessa

    JGL looks so handsome in a tux! Also, did you hear about the movie they're making about Will and Kate's wedding? I missed the SAG awards too, but am totally looking forward the the Oscars!

  • terra

    Gwen Stefani has turned into the cutest mother with the cutest family ever!

  • amanda

    i read a while back that diane kruger didn't plan on getting married again. and josh seems to be cool with it. they'll be like susan and tim and goldie and kurt. i dig it!ahhh-i keep meaning to buy that vanity fair issue. i'm kind of obsessed.

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