Nintendo in New York.

by katelin on January 21, 2011

So I was home and then I was in Greensboro and then I was home again and then a day later I was off to New York City. Seriously how is this my life? Anyhoozits, why was I in NYC you ask? Well it’s because Nintendo is just all sorts of awesome and fabulous and invited me out there to experience the launch of the Nintendo 3Ds. Ridiculous right? Basically the last couple of days were a whirlwind of awesome and a recap is definitely in order, so in my best attempts here goes:

Tuesday: Up early, picked up Jenn, said goodbye to Matt at the airport, made it on the plane (apparently Julianne Moore was on board with us), slept on the plane and before I knew it we were in NEW YORK!
We stayed at the Empire Hotel and ohmygod I loved my room, so swanky and chic and lurve. And then the lobby, the lobby people. It was like a jungle party of awesomeness.
rockin my zebra boots in the lobby, lurve it.
Eventually it was time to get ready for dinner and it was just so fun going next door to Jenn’s room and doing a running hug with Doni and showing off our outfits before finally meeting up with Justine and the rest of the ambassadors. Then we strolled on over to Asiate for one hell of a dinner. I mean really, it was freaking fabulous. I had crab linguini and duck and a cheese plate, a CHEESE PLATE people! All around it was a fabulous welcome to New York City.
Doni, me and Jenn at dinner
heart these girls!
oh my. CHEESE.
Columbus Circle from the top!
There were lots of laughs and good times and wine and just fun getting to know the other ladies. The night ended with drinks at the bar and silly stories and eventually melting into the magical comforter in my bed, truly loveliness.
Wednesday: Slept in a bit before going on a coffee/hot chocolate trek with Doni and Jenn to start off our morning. New York is so damn chilly and brisk and busy and just lovely all around. Well except the birds, I cannot stand those damn pigeons, I screamed every time, haha.
Eventually everyone met up and went to a lovely place for a pizzaful lunch. No really, we got eight pizzas and some salads and ohmygod it was heavenly, HEAVENLY. After lunch we took a field trip to the Nintendo World Store, talk about Nintendo awesomeness. Not only that, but Justine surprised us all with two hundred dollars each to spend in the store, say what!?!?! It was so fun. I got a couple new Wii games and explored the store and ah, it was just great!
After our shopping spree we were all treated to getting our hair and makeup done at Blow salon. It was so swanky and fun and ohmygod there was a cheese plate and champagne and yeah. So I ended up getting the naturalish makeup look and the Foxy Brown (err Foxy Cleopatra) hairstyle (as Matt called it once I texted him a picture, haha).
me and Jenn freshly makeuped
and hair styled, ooh la la.
After we were all beautified it was time for the big event, the Nintendo 3DS launch party!! It was quite the event with lots of stations set up to try several of the new games on the new systems (and oh man are they awesome) and delicious food being passed around and plenty of bars and Samantha Ronson on the turntables and did I mention the games?
the partay.
swanky little chair and pillows, classy.
me and Doni rockin our best partywear.
our fabulous hostesses of the weekend,
Justine and Katie, woo!
Doni getting a game demo.
After playing all of the games, praising Samantha Ronson for her DJing skills and drinking plenty of wine we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel. Although the night didn’t really end there and Doni, Jenn and I decided to change into some warmer clothes and venture out into the city. It was a very “whip my hair” kind of fantastic evening of strolling and laughing and eating New York pizza and taking silly pictures and trying not to get hit by cabs. Basically, one fabulous Wednesday night.
Jenn and Doni in good ole Times Square.
I had to get in on the silly action too.
Thursday: Woke up way too early, checked out, fell asleep on the car ride to the airport, got onto the plane and fell asleep for the whole five hours (whoops, no reading for me I suppose). When we got back to LAX I realized that we had yet another celebrity on our flight, Chase Crawford (who is both tall and cute). Now all I need is an awesome celebrity encounter (I know, I’m just so picky, haha). And then I was home again and the whirlwind was over, but oh so fabulous.
Anyhoo all I can say is thank you Brand About Town and Nintendo for one of the classiest and geekiest most awesome mid week adventures ever.
And how’s your week been? Are you uber excited for the 3Ds? Because yeah you sort of should be, the games are amazing.
happy weekend!
*Brand About Town/Nintendo covered all of my expenses on this trip and as always didn’t ask me to blog about this but I’d be all sorts of insane if I didn’t!
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