Live blogging the Golden Globes.

I mean yeah this is three days later but I was on a plane Sunday night and then didn’t have a chance to watch the show until Monday afternoon and I wanted to write about my weekend first and uh, so much. Anyhoo here’s what I was typing as I was watching and expect a lot of “oooohs” and “ahhhhs” and “what the effs”, haha:

Oh Ricky, loving the jokes about Angelina and Johnny and scientologists, luuurve it.

Christian Bale!!! Weeeeeeeee!!! But um, stop looking like Jesus please. And um what was that rant after the music starting playing?? Oh DeNiro is the shit, right.
Kuuuuurt!!! Gah this is just so damn cute. Can’t stop the tears, just so much happiness and Lea is crying and I tear and YAY!
Oh Eva lay off the bronzer girl. But I sort of adore that black dress number, ooh la la.
Woa, Dex what is up with the red beard??!
Oh I wish I had HBO or Showtime, I miss out on so many of these damn shows. Wait Mark Walhberg produces Boardwalk Empire? Does he ever sleep?
Okay Angelina fixing Brad’s tie? Precious.
Andrew Garfield is British??! And apparently needs glasses, haha.
J.Lo is just so damn sparkly.
I think that’ll be the only award Burlesque wins, ever, haha.
Oh god. The Biebs. Why?? Why?? Oh but Hailee you are too darn cute.
Awww yay Toy Story 3, god that snippet made me all tearylike.
Ohmyod Robert Downey Jr.’s movies do sound like porn titles. Man he is hilarious.
Annette? Eh okay. Wait that movie is about lesbians? I had no idea.
Tilda why the eff are you talking so weird?
Aw Claire you’re so cute and happy and bright!
Oh Zef. The Zef. You are all sorts of hawtness right now. Maybe I’ll just go watch 17 Again, haha.
Steve and Tina can you make another movie together? You’re just too ridiculous.
Social Network for the writing win, yeah there were a lot of words, haha.
Coach Sue for the win! And loving that dress and loving that speech.
Ooooh Rob you dashing man you, try not to look so bored next time you’re on stage okay?
Vanessa and Blair, I’m pretty sure neither of you have aged. Holy good looking.
Oh hey Kaley, sort of loving that dress.
Bazinga! Sheldon wins, Sheldon wins!!!
Yes Melissa Leo, you look so much better with your natural hair color and look, you won! Being a crazy bitch ass mom pays off, clearly.
Matt Damon, you are adorable. Adorable.
Is Tom Hooper James Cameron’s son? Because man he looks like it.
Woooa there January, that is one hell of a dress. I mean woa.
Glee is the best comedy? Okay I’ll take it, I watch it, I lurve it. Aw wow like the WHOLE cast is there, that is nuts. But also super cute and just yay.
Va va voom Halle, woo.
Joseph, dear Joseph you are freaking adorable (and hot and cute and yeah just hot).
Nicely done Natalie, nicely done. Although that dress? Eh. Not totally sold on it.
Sandy! Can you see past those bangs lady? Also, smile please, k thanks.
Oh be still my sweet heart Ryan Gosling you are one dapper young man.
Yay Colin! Yay just yay! A triangle of man love? Love it.
I can’t believe I’ve actually seen all of the drama nominations, go me.
Um. Nope. Wouldn’t have picked Social Network, definitely not. Probably King’s Speech or The Fighter. Oh well.
So when are the Oscars?
happy wednesday!