Heads Carolina, Tails California.

by katelin on January 13, 2011

Oh how I love that song (don’t know the song? take a listen then come on back) because it so fits me and my bff Jen. She’s in North Carolina and I’m in California and it’s a country song and it’s cute and yes.

So what does that song have to do with me today? It means that heads won and I’m headed to Carolina today!

And I’m headed there for no other reason than hanging out with my best friend and having a totally girly weekend. Unfortunately there will be no Wicked but there will be wine and silly pictures and all sorts of laughing and awesomeness and maybe I’ll get lucky and see another celebrity in the airport.

Anyhoo, as much as I love Matt I also love a good weekend away full of girliness. And I mean really? Can you blame me? We took pictures like this at my wedding:

Well and this too of course:
Anyhoozits, I’m all sorts of excited and hope this crazy winter weather doesn’t dampen my travel plans. So fingers crossed everyone! And woo to a bff kind of weekend, wooooo!!
Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend!
happy weekend!
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  • lspoon

    You'll be in my neck of the woods! It's supposed to warm up this weekend, but it is set to rain.

  • Lindsay

    Katelin-travel safely, hope you can handle the snow :)Miss you both!-the little

  • alexa – cleveland’s a plum

    have fun this weekend!!!a girls trip is always the best.i'm kind of having one of my own this weekend but in cleveland, college friends are coming in from STL and we're going to play it up!

  • Jax

    I hope you get there safely with no sign of snow or rain, just sunny skies all the way. I love that song and it is by one of my favorite artists :)

  • Jax

    Come check out the award I just gave you over at my blog.http://jax9126.blogspot.com

  • Angela Noelle

    Aw! Have an amazing time :)

  • AshleyD

    Sounds like a fabulous way to spend the weekend. Hope you have a great time (and have a celebrity sighting)!

  • Nora

    Have a great time! BFF weekends are the best :) Enjoy =)

  • Ali

    Aww, have fun! Girls weekends = the best weekends.

  • Vanessa

    Yay! Have an awesome weekend :)

  • Julie Q

    yay! have a fun girls weekend!!! :)

  • Blicious

    aww have fun!!! gorgeous pics!xoxob

  • Jessica (Bayjb)

    Aww yay for good friends. Have a great time visiting her and STAY WARM!

  • Mandy

    Love that song! Have a great trip!

  • amanda

    that is great song. no joke. woooo to pretty pretty wedding pictures. and girly weekends.

  • sarah marie p

    Hee! Those pictures are too cute! Hope you and Jen have such a good time together! Your friendship is so sweet. I totally just crossed my fingers that the weather will cooperate for you!

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