A weekend at the movies.

Weekend oh weekend, you go by way to quickly. But I always love to blog about you.

Friday: After work I headed home for a quick sec before going to the movies with my movie buddy Courtney to see The King’s Speech. Man, what a good movie! I totally agree with the hype, it was clever and fascinating and funny and Colin Firth (swoon) and Geofrey Rush were just awesome. Afterwards Court came over for a bit and it was just fun times all around.
Saturday: Woke up early to take my car for an oil change (blech) but I did get to be all hip and schnazzy and read in a coffee shop and have breakfast and hot cocoa (woo). Afterwards I read the afternoon away with a fabulously bright pedicure in between. No seriously it looks like my toes are radioactive:
does this fit my blog title or what?
I swear I don’t have a fetish, haha.
There was also some TV watching and hanging out with Matt, going up to my parents to visit and see my godmother and her kids for a bit, eventually coming home and pretending to care about football. And then my friend AJ came up for the night, we had some drinks, went to dinner at one of my favorite places, came home and played some Family Game Night and Scene It and made dirty jokes and laughed our way through all of it! Basically a wonderful night.
Sunday: Woke up earlyish before heading to the movies with my mom to see The Fighter (I know! Two movies in one weekend?! Who am I!? But oh how I love it!). Also, another great movie. Despite the fact that Christian Bale totally creeped me out, it was just so much good acting all around for everyone in the movie. I was so intrigued and inspired and uh, cannot wait for Oscar noms to come out. After the movie I spent the rest of the afternoon deChristmassing our apartment and catching up on the DVR and when I was doing that the soundtrack to The Holiday was on (Courtney gave it me and ohmygod THANK YOU COURT! I am in LOVVVVE). Other than that I spent the evening fending off a headache and watching some TV and relaxing and eating ice cream (I mean yes, not helping the resolution but a girl’s gotta have ice cream every now and then right?).
All in all I’d say it was just the kind of weekend I needed before the week I’m about to have, woo.
And how was your weekend? See any movies or do anything fuuuun?
happy monday!