TLC owns my TV soul.

So I don’t watch any of the Real Housewives shows or any shows on Bravo or The Bachelor or any reality show on MTV like ever (I mean yeah I’ll try but then just have to change the channel because someone is yelling or falling or fighting and I don’t get it). But lately oh man, TLC has owned my TV soul with its reality show goodness.

Say Yes to the Dress! This is like my crack. I swear I have seen every episode and yet I still watch it (EVERY SINGLE MORNING!). All I can say is thank god a new season starts Friday because I need some new dresses to admire and more Randy in my life.

And then there’s the gem Four Weddings. Four very different brides go to each others weddings and rate away. Reality TV gold I tell you, gold! I love rating them myself and trying to pick the winner and seriously can you tell I still love weddings?

Oh but then we have Toddlers and Tiaras. Oh dear god. Why am I admitting I watch this horrendousness? It’s ridiculous. But I JUST CAN’T LOOK AWAY (and no I don’t know why I’m “yelling”, haha). Every time this show is on I just have to watch. Somehow I now know about flippers and headshots and spray tans for kids and outfit of choice and grand supreme title – holy crap who am I? I mean no, my kid will never do that shizz but that doesn’t mean I won’t watch other kids and laugh at their antics and outfits and crazy show parents.

And what was I doing two nights ago, getting sucked into TLC’s newest trap: Extreme Couponining! I mean what!? It’s like organized Hoarders on crack! These people buy coupons to save money and buy ridiculous amounts of products “so they won’t have to buy them for a long time”, because of course every household needs hundreds of sticks of deodorant and sixty five dish soaps and eleven hundred boxes of cereal (one guy actually bought that many and luckily gave some away but still, what the eff?!). I tried changing the channel but I just couldn’t do it. Despite these people’s hoarding ways they definitely know how to save money, the best was a guy spent five thousand dollars in groceries and paid two hundred freaking dollars. INSANITY I tell you.

Please tell me I am not alone in my TLC loving/obsessive/addictive ways, do you watch any of these ridiculous shows? Or what other crazy reality TV do you watch instead?

happy thursday!

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