So, I have goals.

by katelin on January 5, 2011

I don’t really believe in setting my goals right at the beginning of the year (clearly). I need time to sort them out and figure out what I really want to do for the year ahead. I mean I got pretty close on last year’s goals so I’m pretty much using them all over again and pushing myself to do just a little bit better, because clearly that’s what these things are for right? (just nod and agree I won’t know the difference)

1. Read 40 books.
I got so close to achieving this last year (36 books, another post for another day) and I know that without a wedding to plan this year I can definitely do it. Library watch out, I’m coming for you!

2. Don’t force a blog post.
It’s obvious that when I started this goal last year I kept to it. My blogging has become sparshish but it’s’ also become better (or so I like to think).

3. Cook more.
Matt and I are so guilty of throwing dinner together last minute or just going out to eat. Our joint goal is to meal plan a bit more and make some more meals together. I also want to bake more, because honestly baking is fun (even if a ruin cakes and cupcakes and don’t always quite know how to measure properly or clean a mixer without fear of breaking it, learning people I’m learning).
3.a. Try a new recipe a month.
I got this idea from Jess. I just tried a new recipe on Sunday and it was so fun! I have so many freaking cookbooks, it’s about time I use them!

4. Work it out.
I’m putting it out there. According to my snug jeans and the Wii fit I’ve gained about 12 pounds since June. It’s the heaviest I’ve ever been. That should be wake up call enough to tell me I need to get active again. I miss being active, I miss not being tired all the time and I think Wiiing it up will help that.

5. Make a freaking budget.
Okay don’t throw anything at me but I’ve never had a budget. I mean yeah I know how much money I have and what I can spend on what but I’ve never planned for anything moneywise I’ve just sort of done it. And Matt is sort of the same way. We’re not frivolous we’re just eh, I don’t even know the word. However we’ve talked about it and we want to do big things in the coming year (and next) like move into a new place (and own a house one day), I want a new car, we (me like wo) want to travel as much as possible and all of that stuff would just be so much easier with a budget, so budget is our goal. Pray for us and our financial sanity, haha.

6. Back away from the TV.
Don’t worry I’m not cutting out all TV, I mean that would just be nuts. But I do want to cut back and I don’t want Matt and I to become that lazy married couple that just watches TV every night. Nope, I want to do stuff – board games, Wii games, double dates, read. Time to get on out there and be all active and fun like.

7. Be fearless and enjoy it all.
I mean how vague can I be? But I want to try new things and not fret over little things and big things, I just want to be and have some fun while doing it.

And what are some of your goals for the year?

happy wednesday!

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  • imlivinginadream

    You've got some great goals! I love that you're working them out with your lovely husband :) I'm with you on the 40 books this year- I want to read ATLEAST that many as well. last year I got to 31 but then school got in the way, and TV… haha. We can do this!

  • The Modern Gal

    Sounds like some good goal!

  • Nora

    The last one? That's me this year. I'm working on letting my life flow a little more. I know I'll still have to plan some things but for the most part I want to enjoy it. That's it! (And ok, if I'm being honest, lose some weight and budget a bit more too!)

  • Tracy

    I recently started reading your blog when I found it in Blogs of Note. I really enjoy your style of blogging and I'm always entertained when I read it. Anywho – I was reading about your goals and I set a lot of the same goals for myself! I also only plan my goals monthly because it feels much more attainable and then I continue on and try to get better each month :) Keep on blogging!

  • Jackie

    I like your goals. I have much of the same but you can read the rest (b/c there are many more) on my blog!! Love your blog :)

  • Angela Noelle

    Great goals! I particularly love your last one :)

  • Janet

    budgeting –! love it.And sadly I might be one of those old married people who just watches tv. I am working on it this year though.

  • Fashion Suits For Men

    Well this goals make you achieve to what you want. But don't force yourself to much.

  • Lynn

    Love the goals – just don't be too hard on yourself! I think we're always so quick to judge ourselves too harshly. Also, if you're looking for a quick workout, I recommend Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It's a 25 min video (so you can find time) but it KILLS. Happy New Year!

  • amanda

    but the tv is soooo dreamy! ha! that's a good one. but seriously difficult. good luck with it, girl!umm…36 is rockstar quality!

  • Jessica (Bayjb)

    Great list! I agree on not forcing the blog post. Let it flow :) And your writing has always been great! WOO!

  • Emily Jane

    Being fearless was my 2010 goal and I have to say it made it my best year ever!! I hope you have a brilliant 2011 :)

  • Jamie

    I'm with you on a bunch of these! Great goals!

  • San

    Love your resolutions for 2011.

  • EP

    Lovely goals, Katelin, and you can TOTALLY do these!Let me know if you need help finding new recipes. Goodness knows I love researching stuff like that… and then making up my own sometimes!

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