Why hello 2011.

I’ve spent past New Year Eve’s doing anything from spending it on the strip in Vegas, to going to a random house party, to actually hosting a party and even spending the night on the Rose Parade route.

This year we rang in the new year a bit differently. This year we were with some friends at their apartment playing card games and drinking champagne and making pizzas and it was fabulous. I felt so grown up (and we all know how that is, I mean hell I have a freaking label about grown upness, I’m obsessed!).

happy new year!
we’re just a little bit silly.

my pizza: apple, pineapple, bacon and
Timithie and Nick, our hosts of the evening.
I mean yeah part of me wanted to dress up in a sparkly dress and pay high prices to get cocktails and dance and do the club thing or the fancy restaurant thing but that just wasn’t this year’s plan. And the other part of me completely enjoyed wearing my sparkly shoes and silly beads and laughing the night away with my husband and good friends. Oh grownupdom.

And on New Year’s day Matt and I spent most of the afternoon in our pajamas (not hungover, hurrah! hurrah!) watching the parade and hanging out before venturing up to my parents’ house for some chowder and football, twas loverly. And as if we didn’t eat enough (definitely sarcasm) we then went to Matt’s dad’s house for more football and dinner (clearly I can’t say no to food), haha. All in all it was a fabulous (and delicious) way to ring in the new year.

And now we’re in a new year. What the what??

How was your new year’s eve/new year’s? Did you wear sparkly things? Or eat tasty things? Woo!

happy tuesday!