Itty Bitty Hollywood day.

So, a Hollywood post you say? Well since it’s a busy ridiculous week it’s going to be short and sweet. Here we go:

  • Ohemfreakinggee the cuteness people, the cuteness! It’s been a while since we’ve seen Garcelle Bea.. (I’m too lazy to figure out how to actually spell her name right now) and her adorable twins Jax and Jaid. I mean yes, when Matt and I have kids I expect them to be this cute (if not cuter!):

    gah theyaresocute!

  • And because the Affleck-Garner girls melt my heart I just had to share a picture of them in their adorable rain gear, I mean..ah! The cute!

    the adorableness is too much.

  • In other news, the Kardashians know how to make a badass Christmas card, no really I sort of want to rock Khloe’s dress….a female fan got to know Lady Gaga quite well over the weekend…the Spiderman musical continues down the cursed road of what the eff, I mean yikes, I hope the guy is okay!…Shania Twain is engaged and it’s all sorts of weird wife swapness….and lastly Snoop would like to wish you a G like Christmas.
  • In some favoriteness….
    Can you guess who this is? I mean YES. If you don’t know just click on the pic for the answer, but I gotta say if you read my blog you’ve seen his mug enough times to guess. I’ll give you a hint even: He’s not American, that should help (not! Since like half of my favorite guys are from Canada or Australia, haha).

    apparently he didn’t know what
    a good hair cut was.

    Thanks to lspoon for the linky love. Seriously I love when you guys send me links of my faves, it is superb and highly amusing.

    Also, as if Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams weren’t adorable enough promoting Blue Valentine (which I NEED to see) this interview is just so cute about them saying they’re not dating but rather “creatively doing it”, haha.

  • In some Twilightnes….
    Okay not really Twilight but more like Rob and more like THE TRAILER FOR WATER FOR ELEPHANTS!! Can you tell I’m excited? The last book I reviewed on my barely breathing review blog was WFE and holy crap I loved it, seriously LOVED it, one of my favorite books of the year. So this trailer. I still don’t totally by Reese, Christoph I’m totally sold on and Rob, oh it’s Rob and he looks dreamy and nonEdwardish. So yeah, my point here? Check out the trailer and then come to the movies with me on April 15th.
  • In other movie news…
    So this movie Hanna. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t until yesterday. But holy what the eff is going on – was basically what I said after watching the trailer. So brace yourselves and just watch.
  • In some TV news…
    Dexter. So season 5 has ended and I’ve managed to not read anything about it except that Julia Stiles was in it. So um when is it coming out on DVD so I can watch it all in one weekend, because that’s clearly how Dex is supposed to be watched?
  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we learn that just because you are a prince doesn’t you’re smart.. as in you can accidentally glue your eye shut, seriously it’s ridiculous.
So tell me, what’d I miss?

happy wednesday!