A Very Tacky Weekend.

by katelin on December 21, 2010

Oh what a weekend, clearly it was such an exhausting weekend that there was no post about it yesterday! And seriously I had the post all ready to write in my head and then just couldn’t make it happen, oy freaking vey.

Nonetheless the weekend was superb so let’s recap it shall we?
Friday: After work Matt and I went to my aunt and uncles house for a night of tacos and margaritas with them and and my sister and her boyfriend my cousins who were both in town. It was so delicious and so fun hanging out and catching up, just loverly all around. After dinner we all moseyed on over to our favorite dive bar and spent the rest of the night there picking awesome songs on the juke box and drinking cheap drinks and laughing away, tre awesome.
Saturday: Despite the rain I had errands to run! And baking to do! And things to prep to get ready for our Tacky Sweater Party! So basically my morning was a bit hectic. And it was quite awesome to get a nice surprise from Nintendo in the middle of the day:
I might have actually squealed.
I mean just when I think they can’t get any cooler and cuter they send me freaking cookies! And yeah there was a game in there too, haha. It was the 25th anniversary Mario All Stars game that has all the classics on there. Needless to say, for his break in the day Matt had quite a good time playing this.
Anyhoo like I said, Saturday nigh we had our third annual Tacky Sweater Party. It wasn’t nearly as packed as the year before and I blame the rain and uber busy schedules but it was still a great time with everyone that came. So of course I have pictures for you:
Santa and I in our total
tackiness and the tree.
the spread, hello tastiness!
I baked! No really, I did!
White chocolate chip cookies and funfetti cake balls!
My sister in her light up sweater and Andrew
in his Disneyfied greenness, lurve it.
Natalie and Nicole enjoying some goodies.
Matt and AJ trying to take a pic
while Kourt and Tiff photo bomb it, haha.
our silly pictures always make me laugh.
I had some extra snuggies so we gave
them out as prizes, definitely a big hit, haha.
Megan and I winding down the night.
All in all it was a lovely turn out with good friends (the fabulous Ali even stopped by, somehow we didn’t take a picture, pure blasphemy!), lots of cider (in my case a little too much), awesome sweaters, yummy treats, good music (I mean I was DJ so I have to take credit) and just funness all around.
Sunday: Note to self: You are not 21, so stop drinking like it. Apparently drinking cider and wine and doing peppermint patty shots was not my greatest ideas since I paid for it alllll day Sunday. I woke up long enough to move to a couch, enjoy a breakfast burrito (thank you Andrew!) and sort of watch some football before falling asleep again. In the meantime Matt was a saint and cleaned up the place and did all sorts of productive things while I barely functioned. Somehow in my sleepiness we made it to our friend’s annual cookie party and it was so fun to see them, even if I was half asleep, haha. After the party we came home and I went to bed at 8:30. Seriously, what the eff is that? Then again, I really needed it and it totally paid off.
And how was your weekend? Any tacky sweaters in the mix?
happy tuesday!
*Brand About Town/Nintendo sent me the game and didn’t ask me to say anything about it, but of course I would anyways because they kick ass and always know how to make my day.
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