I’m a Christmas spaz.

Part of me is like “ohmygod I can’t believe Christmas Eve is two weeks from today” while the other part of me is like “ohmygod can it be Christmas already?” Clearly I just can’t make up my mind on how I feel about any of this.

Nonetheless I have been all about getting in the holiday spirit lately and it is all sorts of loverly. I’ve listened to the Nutcracker no less than fifteen times, I’ve decorated our apartment with all sorts of Christmas things, we’re getting our tree tonight (and decorating it tomorrow night), I’ve gotten my awesome outfit together for our Tacky Sweater party next weekend, I’ve re accustomed myself to having a crush on all things Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas and I’ve diligently watched my favorite holiday movies.
Basically I am so ready for Christmas.
Until I’m not because there are about six people left for me to get presents for IN ONE WEEKEND. I mean what? I have to be insane. Why do I procrastinate these things? I know what I want to get people I just have to get the motivation together and do it already!
So um yes, I’ll be one of those crazies out shopping this weekend with Matt in tow and credit card sheepishly hiding away in my wallet not wanting to be used except for on sparkly dresses for myself when really I need to focus on my Christmasness.
So please send your good shopping and Christmas vibes my way because I have a feeling I am really going to need it!
And because a post with a picture is just fun let’s enjoy some humor from someecards shall we?
And what are your weekend plans? Are you all done shopping like a prepared person or are you scrambling around for gifts like me? Do tell, I’m curious.
happy weekend!